October 29th IBGAs

IBGAs for the October 29th Event are due by 11:59 P.M. Sunday October 16th. Please send all IBGAs to Alliancewisconsinplot@gmail.com with “IBGA” as part of the Subject. Every PC gets one action during this IBGA cycle. You may either take a personalized action or you can take part in one of the presented group IBGA options. Please remember that IBGAs received after the deadline will not receive a response.

Group IBGA Options –

Scout the Lands – Spend your time exploring and scouting out the local area. If there are specific regions or areas you would like to explore please specify that in your IBGA.

Lend your skills to the Town – Spend your time assisting the town with your unique skills as adventurers. Let us know how you would lend your aid in your IBGA.