October Castle Favorites


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Thank you, Matt, Jordan, and Ryan, for making this an amazing game this year for everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed every event put on this year, and this was an awesome season closer.

Some of my favorites in no particular order:

"Goat Balls" - Such a fun mod, charms being handed out like halloween candy, I swear everyone was charmed and we were all just walking around, going fishing with the goat-men.

The werewolf mod took a very unexpected turn from the "run in and roll their heads" that I was thinking would happen. The roleplay with Bruisey holding Zihr back was great too.

Ritual casting with Bluewolf, Gandian, and Beryl. Hooray for crappy massive! I enjoyed the very confused look from Ryan when I ran at him swinging "9 Weapon Strike Silver" over and over again.

Trying to shackle Jordan's character in the big fight and having it reflected back at me, then running around in a circle for like 30 seconds while he chased me and eventually got tooled down by a group of 10. So funny

Late night gambling sessions with Count Salves is always a great time. Always makes one of the highlights of my weekend.

The pantherghast fight was very fun, and a great throwback to my first every time coming to a game. Thank you Jessica for the great idea of doing that!

Congrats Roff on becoming a Squire! Good on you!

William: "I command you to sleep"
Me: "reflect"
William: "bane"
Me: "resist"
William: "sh*t"

And many other great moments through the weekend. Thank you everyone!
i agree the various mods were quite good and the last one where the town broke up into about three groups in order to get into the tower and defeat the prince and bring the war to a close was good although it appeared to take longer then logistics expected because it sounded like one of the groups was having trouble solving some of the puzzles they had to deal with in order to let the others into the tower, but the final battle was quite good and unexpected, thank you to the staff and to the npcs. that was a VERY GOOD closer.

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(Accidentally posted this early and can't delete, so I'm just going to edit.) I had such an incredible time at this gathering. I'm still catching up on sleep from the weekend and there is no question in my mind: it was 100% worth it. Favorites in no order:

-Sneaking around in the dark with Migs and Faraan to do sweeps of the outer wall. There's nothing more scary and exciting than creeping around in the dark, knowing you could be attacked by monsters at any second. Was it a dumb idea? Yes. Was it fun? Absolutely. Special thank you to Migs for joining us to keep us safe rather than trying to talk me out of it!!

-On a related note, getting to spend lots of time with Migs! Between the singing, playing cards while waiting for others to solve puzzles, and making lots and lots of jokes, Migs really made all the downtime super fun.

-Ship Mod! I love a good ship mod! I enjoyed myself tremendously, despite being enfeebled for most of the fight

-Seeing Durl and Keladry after such a long time! It was great catching up with you both!

-Some of the PCs cheering that we won the war while all the defeated Royalists had to stand there and listen to it. Kind of an "in your faces" type of thing, very funny

-Roff walking into the tavern with the Lich's crown phylactery on his head after DFM-ing it. Gandian exploding with rage at Roff and prisoning him because of it. I could not stop laughing.

-Faraan's elation at joining Matron Locke's Caravan

-Everything about the werewolf stuff, from Zihr's silent rage during the confrontation to the utter confusion the town fell into upon learning that the Junior Huskies were not only completely unharmed, but they actually enjoyed their time with the werewolves and that the pack wanted to remain peaceful. That was brilliant storytelling and it made for a lot of really great RP.

-Zihr's resurrection was a very special moment. I was very unhappy that he was killed during the fight, but seeing all of the people that gathered to watch the resurrection (the most lighthearted one I have ever seen) made it much easier to accept. Regardless, let's never do that again, Zihr!!

-Meeting Baron Gibbs and the weird thing he has for taking people's hands

-Having my max armor repped! I didn't drop anywhere near as many times as I usually do, so that felt really good.

-No gathering is complete without a game of dice with Count Salves! Faraan winning his first game ever and people betting money that I would win for some reason were definite highlights.

There is just so much I wanna talk about! This was such a great event and a fantastic way to close out the season. Thank you so much to Ryan, Matt, Adam, Jordan, Will, and everyone else who has been involved in running the game this year. You have done an amazing job and you should be very proud. Here's to hoping for a next season!
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Thank you, everyone! I had a blast being the Prince! Here are some of my favorites

-I've never had so much fun playing a decapitated head. Everyone wanted to carry me and bring me everywhere, had a lot of fun watching people pull rank to get me!

-DeSylvia (Matt). Everything that happened outside the walls while waiting for people. From moving locations to you taking my crown and telling a soldier "Do you see this crown? I'm the prince now" before you killing blow him. They almost found us! So close!

-Having a good hug during combat with DeSylvia (Matt) while waving the spell packet he didn't notice at all his friends.

-Ship formation! 5 Magnet! V formation! 5 Lava, everything about that fight was fun. First time playing a landmine

-Everyone's comments and laughter when I die or do anything while playing random NPCs during fights. All those little things make going through the woods worth it and running up those hills but my LEGS!

-Loved chatting with everyone at afters. It hit him that people had a lot of fun watching and talking with people there. We had like 35 people!!

-Felt great walking down the path to see both PCs and NPCs lining the sides.

-Hiding in random shadows and feeling stealthy..... only to realize that other people are also hiding in the shadows. The moment when you have to almost have code words in the dark to not attack your friends.

-I loved the hype when people realized it was a burlap sack race... kinda a race

-The two holds. One after the other just to figure out what I just got hit with.

-Trying to make a deal with Knight Fiona (Carly) for Zihr (Brad)

-Talking crap when I was in a circle only for it to get destroyed. Had to call a hold to flavor it up and remove the rep only to realized there are a LOT of people looking to take my life right there. . . .and I just so happened to be in the front!

-Latenight chats at monster camp

-Having to put on a shirt and shoes when Shen (Dwayne) came to get me so I can marshal a couple of rituals. At least I brought my blanket.

-"I don't know if that is the slab but that brick looks REALLY in-game. Super in-game even"

-Reading favorites! Post them if you got them!

I'm probably going to add more when I remember them.


Thank you so much for a great season this year to everyone who made that happen. I am excited to see where this goes next year.
I had a blast at castle.

Favorite moment by far was thinking I was going to join the res club with Zihr during the final fight. Kealedry and I saw eberust try coming through the front then leave so we circled around the door to the left and tried to ambush him and he dropped me like a bad habbit. Kealedry went to get help after he killing blowed me and drug me off around the corner. Then desylvia Liam and Durel had a conversation like 5 feet from me that I was out there somewhere dying they just needed to look around the corner. I was sure I was going to res. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Then Durel comes around the corner and poked me with his sword.

Leading the marathon that was the outside the wall fight through the sewers. Felt like we did really well until fatugie set in. Seriously though probably the best sticking together I have seen in awhile in battle. I really like learning to lead on the battlefield.

Plot great job on getting everyone involved.

Really loved the cannon mechanic. Also loved realizing oh 40 massive I can take that in the armor.

Pulling Zihr back on the werewolf mod realizing now that we should have rolled him probably.

Great partner fighting with Lady Knight Fiona during the sewer mod.

Finishing everything and realizing we were the only ones that found any bricks.

Great year really want to see what plot can do next year. I'm excited to see where the story goes.


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In no particular order past the first.....

* #MurderInTheDark <3 William and Matt
* the sewer fight was long.... dredging even. It was fun to have fun with it. Not to mention the NPCs going to get bottles of water, but having the PCs need to kill and loot them to get said water.

* castle fight was hands down amazing. So many different pieces and such a large area to work with.

* the prince warding the staircase. Then making the PCs remember there is a rear entrance to the castle and have to grab a goon squad.

* charm-a-palooza (aka goat mod) the mod that took control of 80% of the PCs. It was kinda touch and go for a bit.

* walls of force, will travel
"Shen how many walls of force do you have?
"Not as many as I would like...."

* "yasuo get up! You killed everyone now let's go"
As said by Blue Wolf awakening yasuo from sleep after he killed everyone in the room...

* ritual casting with Gandian & Rusty
\ #ShensFirstDodge
\ #ShensFirstGolem
\ #ShensFirstLifeSpells

I really enjoy storytime with Alexander because you learn so much of just various content of the world of Fortanis and the characters whom have walked in it. I particularly enjoy the personal touch via ritual casting where he calls upon the massive amount of power the character commands - but still keeps the ritual personal, relatable and down to earth.

My second ritual with Rusty where the ritual called for 5 of the same component. And andrew does an amazing job of making each component matter...

* the actual road trip itself was also not horrible. 6 nerds in the same car for 7 hours was actually fun for nerd stories and experiences and general friendship time not directly at the larp.

* first time in a castle....
I can not even and need to do this all the time now.


Huge thank you to everyone, what a great time!! Some favorites in no order were . . .

Bird King showing up and going on the Pantherghast hunt with us. Thanks for hopping fence the other way, Jeremy!!

Roff as a Hobling and the really good RP it involved. Congratulations on being Squired, Roff!!

Gearing up for a big werewolf beat down and then ... not having one? That didn't go how I imagined it. Ghauld & Lilian are definitely grounded when we get back to House Husky. Gregor, you still owe me for a silvered long sword :mad:

First fight on Friday night intercepting a Royalist shipment and seeing my niece NPC'ing, you better believe I'm going to go after her!

Sea monster fight with Captain Bel and Durl swimming out to get arrows for Keladry. Good thing they float :)

And my favorite ... my rez scene. Thank you Elros, Matron Locke, and everyone who came to witness. As much as I didn't really *WANT* to take another death, it made for some great storytelling.

All the great conversations with people, the costuming, the atmosphere ... seriously thanks everyone for a great season. Can't wait to see you all next year!!

~Brad / Zihr
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This was such a good event! Can't wait for next season!!!

- Mint's bracelet talk!
-Getting Lillian and Ghauld back and all the talks after
-The mid battle rage scream that got heard inside the castle
-Zihr's rez story and everyone taking a knee around the circle
- Going up on the wall and hearing several people start yelling followed by Beryl dropping Locke's full family name
- Fighting and then adopting Faraan into the caravan!
- The lich fight
- Getting to do story time in the circle with elros, and that creepy mask during the werewolf fight
-"Doom!" 'Resist' "uh oh"
-Artemis popping up for every toe to toe fight with a royalist in the courtyard
-Selunari shield wall
-Mint's funfetti cake



Sorry, hadn't gotten around to writing up favorites since my mother nearly died Sunday night. She's ok now.

Really like being able to be a part of tavern since my kitchen was connected. Totally enjoyed Mig's singing! Had to do a double take!

Liam's serenading the kitchen help! What a surprise-loved it! You are very talented, Kyle.

The anticipation of prepping the tavern for the big fight saturday, having royalists hiding out not once but several times and no pcs showing up. Then having the head of the prince show up just as I was heading to bed (cant believe I slept through the big fight). Was so confused so thanks Emma and Jessica A for filling me in.

Alexis, Emma D and Brad, could not have made it through the weekend without the terrific help in the kitchen!

Everybody that helped get kitchen from my van to kitchen on Friday and from kitchen to van on Sunday- thank you! Many hands make light work.

Was a great season, even though some of the games were harder for me during hard spots of my health. Thanks for the extra help and the graciousness of all when I was in pain.

Jack Felt

Castle was a blast this year! So many enjoyable moments to try and remember.
In no particular order:
  • Zhir being pulled away from the werewolf so he wouldn't kill it
  • Somehow winning an amazing magic item(seriously confused, thanks Gandian for letting me win it)
  • During the castle I was charmed and shackled, so I thought both sides were trying to kill me. I got some good laps in around the castle as I ran through random fights screaming.
  • Looting water from sewer elementals? I'm shocked I didn't get poisoned
  • The creativity of the NPCs during the first segment of the sewer. As someone who's still learning the mechanics and rules, hearing "5 magnet" being swung was enough to panic me.
  • Joining the Caravan was pretty cool! Looking forward to the good times to be had there.
  • Hearing someone yell "I am the potato sac God" is usually enough to make me laugh
  • Getting out of my comfort zone and gambling, turns out I can win the game but I lose every side bet I make.
  • Seeing everyone again was awesome! It was super cool to start larping again, can't wait for next season!
oh!! i forgot about that goat mod. that was quite interesting with the goats trying to charm the pcs and have them protect the goats, though they didn't bother to charm my character, probably because i was setting the goats on fire!!