October Closer Teaser (Maelstrom)


San Francisco Staff
Otto Lies Dead. The one foe who always escaped finally thrown down, and broken. The results were an unexpected boon of some magnitude. But now though, surely the enemy will retaliate?
Of course they will, and have been all this time. Only recently has the depths of their depravity been uncovered, and now the Myst Walkers must rush to the aid of the last piece of free shadow. Should they fail the consequences could be...dire. And the dawning realization that perhaps the enemy has not been idle all this time.
To a new Vale the Myst Walkers journey to, a Vale opened only days before the gather, a Vale of Sacrifice. The name, and properties of this Vale are foreboding to say the least. There the defenders of Fortannis are expected to journey forth to aid this last piece of shadow before the enemy can acquire it, and most likely the entire plane for their own ends.