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I hope everyone had a wonderful time at our Castle Event this year. Please post your favorite moments here.

First thing that comes to mind for me was General Hildegaard's speech, downing his glass then calling resist.

Might post more later.


I had such a good time! In no particular order:

Roff doing a healing storm and getting Sentofino by "throwing" healing at him.

Fighting baby drakes in the caves.

Wiziard'n School

Ragnarok bringing up the time Jamina was a lich in a rambling way, which explained nothing... I am happy to hear that that incident has not been forgotten. Perhaps more rp can come from that memory.

Healing over 100 body on one person. How in the world?!!!

Seeing old friends and new faces.

Ritual casting with Beryl.

The Sirens. You guys were hilarious!

Rin - "I'm gonna go do something stupid!". And I couldn't reach her in time to do anything about it.

Watching the golden blades. You looked great!

Violin musician/music at lunch.

I'll add more as I remember them.
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Spirit Walking the Prime Minister with Roff and Gertrude during the siege, being stealthy and then BSing during the 30min spirit walk hold.

Engulfed drum circle

Dinner Friday night was fantastic

Fate's Pawns and Cass bidding up the big transfer gem not realizing they were buying it for the same person(Agate) until Shen mentioned it.

Wizardin' School

The pre-game to the Golden Blades assassination attempt. Making sure Powell had a "better" drink to toast with, being in position to strike Hildegarde upon the reveal. Curse Spirit Recall!

I'm sure I'll think of more but it was a great Castle event.


Getting told by Gerty "Hey, I recognize the layout of this castle - Isn't there a parapet on the second floor?" "Oh my gosh you're right... Hey guys, I'm gonna do something stupid!" and then shooting a quiver of arrows from the second story at invaders down in the courtyard briefly during the main Friday night mod - pinning and shackling the undead soldier who was coming up the stairs to stop me and slipping by into relative safety back behind the front line while he tried to rip free. I'm pretty sure I didn't hit half my targets but it was fun being a distraction to make it easier for people to hit the undead hoard :D

Examining the toasting drink for poison with herbal lore, during the speech, only to hear "Resist!" after the the leader of the Golden Swords downed his own poisoned drink and seeing Mint fall to a poison sleep just about as I was to finish with my minute count. The brief "It appears you aren't complete idiots after all, Attack!" (paraphrased) from the leader before he rifted out was kind of hilarious. The ensuing attack, and brief planning that immediately got scrapped after Ragnaroc opened the first trapped door.

The use of traps. Plot made the right choice to not use the traditional explosives that destroy everything people caught in it were carrying and instead use the scroll and alchemy variant. It was clever, thematic, and scary without being overly punishing.

Ragnaroc kept setting off the booby-trapped doors. As Nikki pointed out, Armageddon is definitely an appropriate Wizard'n school name for him indeed, things just keep exploding when he touches them XD

Getting to spend time in the kitchens again with Edwina and Amy's new NPC character I still can't remember the name of for the love of Fortannis

The most sarcastically dry earth circle investiture ritual I've ever seen from Ryan's high orc scholar NPC. I was trying so hard to not laugh during that whole ritual. The whole bit about adventurers not getting paid enough and haring off into danger was a hilarious motif.
Ryan casting the investiture ritual. "Where was I again?"

The golden blade fight. Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal! Seriously though, the mod was awesome and it was great how well our haphazard plans came together

Tony killed it as General Hildegard. I can't wait for more of him even though Zen hates him

Wizarding school! We are definitely making that a thing

Realizing halfway through Saturday that I had 5 more total body than I thought I did. This is why I should read my card even when I think I know it by heart -_-

The siren mod was such a blast. Bluewolf and Zen drugged, beat up, ripped out her heart, then explode the head of one of them. Good times

All the travelers from crossroads, Chicago, and elsewhere. You're all great and should come back soon!

I'm sure there's more!


Minnesota Staff
I had an awesome time this weekend! A lotta great plotlines getting tied up and brought together, not knowing at all what to prepare for, it was very cool and super fun!

All the NPCs over the years have really added a lot to the world! I had a great time interacting with General Hildegard over the past few months, and even though I was kinda sorta expecting to get Order 66'd, it still was very conflicting to see him turn on us. Looking forward to seeing him in the future!

The siren mod was hilarious and very fun. I'm very glad I ended up going.
"Well you never told me no"
"Oh.. well no"

*siren walks away*

Another round of ritual casting theater with grand wizard Best Boy Zihr. And some very confused and possibly concerned PCs who happened to be down there with us.

Wizardin' school was a great time and I truly will never forget the 20 some names we came up with for everyone. And I never remember names!

Pre duel 'whisky' shots with Andre

Post duel resurrection stories with Zihr and Andre.
*Body reforms 1.. body reforms 2*
"Oh we should probably find him something to wear"
"Uhh uhh quick! Give him your hat!"
"Hey Ragnarok, have you ever tried on Elros's hat before?"

the displace beast fight was a blast! As was fighting Ryan C's undead who was swinging weapon radius, while Rag and I would jump in, swing once or twice, duck back out, and repeat. I thoroughly enjoyed that one

and many more! Thanks everyone for the awesome weekend. I had a lot of fun with all of you and hope to see a lot of you again sometime!
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Awesome event! I always have more favorite moments than I can ever remember to write down but here's what I can remember right now.

-Jokingly checking to see if the Champaign was poisoned only to find out it was totally poisoned.
-Wizardin' school. It is a very important thing. So glad to bring the tradition to the midwest. Lots of great road names were found.
-Plot being totally ready when a mod went sideways fast. Y'alls ability to think and adapt on your feet keeps getting better!
-I was kinda unsure what the final town mod was gonna be. We did do final loot split after all. Oh drinks are poisoned and the doors are closed? I found the mod guys.
-Leading the battle! I'm glad the other squires/knights were cool with me just taking the reigns as the general.
-Cornering Hildeguard in the upper tower. 5 adventurers working perfectly in tandem vs a BBG who is unsure if they're getting out alive is awesome.
-Sub favorite: Mini clarification hold in said tower where among other things I clarified that I parried an eviscerate. Then informing Tony that were about to start a riposte chain. Get ready buddy.
-Elros is in danger? Aight everything is dying. Slay slay slay, OK lets go.
-Great Oathsworn RP. Rag had very different opinions than the local Oathsworn but at the end of the day they are all united under the first Oath. Great moment swearing on my Oath ring in front of ambassador Thrace that I wouldn't let Roff cast the Summon Elemental Scroll.
-I don't always feel like I have control over what I want to do at an event while playing Rag because I have duties as a squire. I felt like I could do what I wanted while still being a squire this event and it was great.
-So good to see out of town players from Crossroads and Chicago! Great to see all the people and yall really did make the event better!

See yall next year!


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I am going to start with a big ol' round of applausse for the kitchen staff, and those who brought snacks in general. Coffee, tea, custom drinks, mac and cheese, lasagna, fudge, cookies, scones, and more? Thank you all so much for taking care of us all weekend!!!

I absolutely had a blast, and while I don't speak for my whole group we had a fun ride back to the airport commisserating about all of our favorite parts and moments that stood out! (When we were recounting favorite mods I was told that I couldn't say the Lasagna mod as I had already used it as my favorite moment hahah). So to begin I want to say it was so much fun getting to come out and play in a castle. I know it is a special opportunity, and all of the stories I had heard about it in the past don't do it justice. From the first packet coming down from the ramparts, to the doors closing while Tony's General made his speech of great betrayal, to being locked in an actual stone cell it was FANTASTIC! So thank you to Matt and Ryan (and team!!!) for keeping the tradition going and helping to give me the opportunity to experience the legends I have heard about your chapter and the castle itself for myself!

Speaking of NPC's - I found out after the game that for a number of NPC's this was their first event, and I was astounded. My jaw dropped. So many of you did fantastic, and I honestly would not have known if someone didn't say something specifically. But every single NPC out there not only was repped clear and obvious to what we were up against, but acted into the roles making it really clear that we were facing unique and well represented challenges throughout! Siren's, displacer beasts, Gryphon's (oh my!) were all their own unique style, and it really showed and made my game that much better! So big ol' hats off the the crew!

I can't not mention Tony's speech as General Hildegard, it was fantastic! If my team wouldn't have killed me for it, I would have drank to that! haha.

The Siren's! While the whole siren crew was amazing the ending escape had me rolling!

Fighting and defeating a Gryphon (even against a ton of protest by me!!)

Jail time with new friends!

The return of Wizardin' School! *Finger wands* (Pew Pew!)

Finding a dangerously close kindred spirit in BlingKing!

Accidentally blowing everyone up, but also "saving" a baby!

Shots with Shots at the bar! (Another kindred spirit in crafting!)

Getting saved at the last minute by Rusty after we got left behind and I was immediately murdered

You're immortal go! (Which are my favorite words to hear) with Beryl

Basically huge shout out to every healer who took care of us throughout the weekend (I know we didn't make your lives any easier!!!!)

Bear in the bush/You guys the lookout?

Honestly this doesn't even begin to sum up how much fun I had throughout. I will definitely be back for more games in the future!

As a final aside Dena (Thibidee/TBD) also had a blast! It was her first game (she has never played any kind of RPG before) and while she started out super nervous and on the fence about LARPing in general, by the end of it she was in! I won't say any more on her part just in case she really dives in and want's to do her own favorites, but I can't say enough good things about the welcoming and inclusive environment you all have created. It definitely is the exact reason that I love playing in a networked game so much, and can't wait to see all of my new (and some old!) friends in my travels next year!!!!

Thanks again all!!!


A very fun event! So many faves - but just off the top of my head (& in no real particular order):

The fantastic kitchen work by Lady Bethanie/Amy! The Eggsalad, sweet bread, mac and cheese, lasagna, and oh, so many other goodies!

Bluewolf popping flame baddies and my beginning inquire what he was doing the second before getting voice radiused.

Being the winner of a "I finally search somebody & all I got was this <diseased> treasure" T-shirt, LOL!

On fri night, after Rin (forgive me if I'm misremembering who asked) requested that I try to elicit some more information about the golden blades and thanks to Tony's fantastic job of RPing General Hildegard, me totally winding up feeling rather suspicious as well!

Slowly coming up to some Rping with a couple of golden blades (while the General was not around) during 'silly o'clock' with adventurers as one adventurer randomly pops something about which adventuring groups & such would they would join if they were adventurers & who they thought were "notables" in our ranks, and hearing the blade's "well, there's Roff... Cass... Beryl... and... and..." as one blade tries to answer, "the other guys" puts in the other blade helpfully. Then much, much, later, one blade turns to me and prompts "and who might this notable be?", and trying to keep a straight face I reply, "One of the other guys" as I nearly fail.

The hilarious siren mod, it giving me an idea for a character add & Jamina essentially replying "Dooo it!"

Getting to meet & play with some of our far flung alliance chapter players!

While watching the fighting advance during a mod, Jamina quipping, "Don't worry, they'll get near us.", pausing to watch the fight suddenly fall back, "Okay, maybe we *should* go to them"

A great moment with one npc during one mod while aiming packets for players not too nearby me accidentally getting me, apologizing and then on the very next throw (at a young woman directly in front of him), accidentally getting me again and hilariously putting on a greatly exaggerated look of shame as the young woman then wagged her 'naughty, naughty' finger at him.

General Hildegaard's great pre-betrayal speech, particularly the part about needing to choose words carefully & the more free speaking adventurers so fittingly dovetailing with the RPing with him on Fri night. And immediately getting suspicious while the champagne was being distributed as I noted the golden blades seemed to get served from one particular set of glasses while others were being handed out to players and so was already planning not to actually drink it, then quickly being told in undertones not to drink as one of our fellow adventurers had good reason to believe it was poisoned.

Making the surprising realization I was getting to be known as Zhir's backpack when a player comments "No, No, don't bother with me, just keep doing Zhir." when I asked if they needed healing. Favoritism may have been caused by Zhir's cookies, Mmmm-kay? LOL!

Ragnaroc going "here hold this" and my instant reaction of being suddenly very worried & giving a audible "uh oh!" without even thinking about it.

Asking Iganeous if he was training or refereeing a sparring session happening after the Champions duel and getting to RP with Iganeous a whole 'warrior fighting tips' session with the dueling players.

And the GREAT JOB by the NPCs!

And there are probably far more that I'm probably forgetting at the moment!
wow!! quite alot of good things listed here but what i thought was all the new pcs and npcs that showed up several from out of state and from other chapters as well, that was very good and shows how widespread this game has gotten.

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
When I and the plot team sat down to plan out this event, it created a nervousness in me that I rarely experience when I run events. The loss of the duel and then the betrayal at the end left me concerned. But each and every one of you rose to those challenges, and made for an amazing weekend. Thank you to my Minnesota players, and thank you to all the travelers, I hope to see you all again next season!

As usual, here are my favorites in the order which I can remember them:

  • Zihr's very concerned face when we announce that the adventurers as a whole would be interacting with the Oathsworn and asking if they should have some etiquette lessons beforehand.
  • Debating the purpose of adventuring during one investiture casting, and then going on long rambling rants in the second one. Both were tons of fun, and I enjoyed playing a curmudgeonly High-Ogre.
  • Gambling with only a single PC and losing a lot of coin to him.
  • Dueling Dispels vs Wall of Force during the undead fights (and multiple other times during the weekend)
  • Backpacking my lieutenant as the lich, and holding that hallway much longer than we should have
  • Getting to play a hard soldier and threatening to leave people behind; it did get people moving.
  • All of the players who were willing to bear with me when I realized that we'd made a normal collection mission WAY harder than intended.
  • William coming back as the Prime Minister, not knowing anything about plot, and still making several very impressive speeches. It was great having you back, Will!
  • The displacer beasts having WAY too much fun purposefully appearing and disappearing in the same spot to frustrate the hunters
  • Every player who accidentally tripped one of the traps while rushing for a quick bathroom break at the start of the betrayal scene. Not something I had considered when planning, but not something I'll soon forget.
A very big thanks to every single new player who came out for this event. The betrayal wouldn't have been anywhere near as dangerous without each and every one of them. I hope to see you all next season!


Minnesota Staff
Remembering more now.

1. Bluewolf KBing a baby grimlock because it was crying.
2. Griffon fight: Pin! (Begin ripping), 500 Body, Dead. Probably the most anti-climactic griffon fight in all of Alliance.
3. The Grimlock fight in general. It was fun directing my NPCs to react to the various things the PCs were up to since the Grimlocks were all blind and fought off of sound.
4. The Walls of Force! Man this is the most times I have seen their use ever in a game. They were so useful for the PCs.


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The grimlock adventure was fantastic!


Chicago Staff
Apart from 30g blowing up, the mod was great!. I just need to remember to take out stuff from logistics next time…or register the bag on CMA like I thought.


Nothing will compare to the moment plot came by, sat me down only a few hours before dinner, and explained that right after the Hildegard speech I will be ordering my troops to kill all the adventurers and basically every moment that followed. I am extremely grateful to be trusted with such a role and hope no one holds it against me when I kill you all lol.

After that the elemental fight stands out, the atmosphere was very energetic and everyone seemed to be having fun.

Shambling around as a lowly undead is always a favorite, especially when I can swing desecrate and adventures need to pause as the mind processes what happens next.

The dual was great to watch and spreading crazy rumors of what an Oath chained could do was good too.