Ok, I am just gonna clarify a ton of stuff about the Elemental War real quick

Hey everyone, this is Taios. I don't like doing this normally, but I am going to explain a bunch of stuff about the Elemental Wars, the Planar Knights, and the Guild of the Gifted because I am worried people aren't going to have the information that I do. I want people to know what is going on so that we don't f**k things up or have issues in the future. After I say all this I am going to leave and not look at this again-if you have any questions send a missive to Banradi, Avacyn, or Ardos and they'll contact me. So here goes:

A very very long time ago, we had the elemental planes of Order and Chaos as well as the ones we have now. The planes, for lack of a better term, floated, through the Aether, which from what I am given to understand is the stuff that makes up reality or magic or something. Then we hit a cloud of Void, and it was a bad thing. Reality was gonna be snuffed out. The elemental planes needed a plan. The one that they had at first they decided they didn't want to do. So they went with Plan B. The plane of Order sacrificed itself, and using power sacrificed by the other elemental planes (except for Vacuum because that f**king place is a bag of dicks apparently) created the Order Wall. This wall stands to this day, encasing reality and shielding us from the Void Cloud we wandered into. The interaction between the Wall and Void is responsible for the Oni and the Outer Planes that they call home, and the Wall itself is the source of their power, or at least the lawful ones.

Anywho, a long time passed, and eventually a group of prime material beings called the Guild of the Gifted showed up. They decided to try and keep balance between the Elemental planes and keep the Elemental Wars from breaking out on the Prime Plane. They also started to amass knowledge about the Elemental Planes for this purpose. Well, some of them got to thinking, 'The Elemental Planes went with plan B way back when, but what was Plan A, and why didn't they do that instead?" So they started looking into it. Lo and Behold, they found out that the Elemental Planes were dicks. Apparently, there was a way for the Elemental Planes to work together to funnel the Void Cloud into the plane of Vacuum. They are close enough to each other by nature that Vacuum and Void would end up annihilating each other, with Vacuum coming out on top. So Vacuum would be weakened, this particular Void Cloud would be gone, and the elemental planes would continue to exist, but they would not be able to as easily exert their power on the Prime Plane. This plan would have worked, and still would today.

However, the Elemental Planes didn't want to relinquish their ability to gain an easier foothold on the Prime. I can understand that, but still, **** off Planes. Anyway, they went with plan B because if it failed they could still do Plan A, and they wanted the control. So in the end Order was gone, the Void inside got turned into a vast ocean of Chaos, and we got dicked. The Guild of the Gifted split on the issue. Some of them believed that they should still keep things as they are-that changing anything wouldn’t be morally right. Others believed that, should they act accordingly, they could make the Elemental Planes do Plan A instead. Doing so would reduce the natural occurrence of the Elemental incursions that we treat as normal life, even when they claim countless innocent lives. That the number of naturally occurring Undead would decrease, and that Order and Chaos would be brought back into balance as a result of Order returning to set things right. Plus the Oni will no longer exist because their source of existence will be gone-though the ones here may change into something else which I admit I am interested in seeing myself.

They had a schism over this issue and are now at open war with each other, with those seeking change abandoning the Guild of the Gifted and forming the Planar Knights. I support the Planar Knights’ cause because I believe it to be just-that the number of lives lost now will be beaten by the number of lives saved by our actions. In addition, I believe that we can do more to prevent the loss of life that will occur when Order returns and Void hits. We can use preventative measures to make sure the Elementals that will have to attack the Prime Plane do less damage to the actual people living here, and reduce the amount of damage the Prime takes when Void hits. Which is why I am trying to also negotiate a cease-fire with the Guild of the Gifted so that they can help us save lives. I’m hoping they don’t choose to throw their lives away and instead choose to help us.

I have chosen to back the Planar Knights, and as of this past Market Day, Mathis, Naomi, and the Pride (though Lord Lucas and Collette were not there so I am hoping to get their support as well) have backed that decision. That being said, I think this is something that everyone needs to decide for themselves. Both sides of this conflict are right in some way-I believe the Planar Knights to be more right than the Guild of the Gifted. They can also both be really big dicks. That being said, a side needs to be picked or else things will devolve out of control even more than they already have.

So one last time, I will clearly state the situation as simply as possible:

Either join me, others, and the Planar Knights in their plan to return the Plane of Order, and fight Void. Fight for short term Imbalance for Long-Term Stability. Many people will die up front-I will fight to keep that number as low as possible, but it will happen. But we deal with it now, instead of leaving it as a potential problem for future generations who may not be able to succeed.


Fight with the Guild of the Gifted. Go against me and others to maintain the Status Quo. Prioritize the lives here now over the lives saved in the long term. Less people die now, but we lose more people over time.

I've said my piece, feel free to talk here as much as you like, but I do not want to discuss this more here.
It seems like a "you can pay now or pay (a lot more) later" kind of situation. That being said, if I can help in any way now for the sake of preserving future generations then I will throw in my support for the Planar Knights.


Taios, from the information you gave I think you have made the proper decision and even more importantly, I trust your judgement. I have been unable to travel the mists lately but will be there if and when I am needed. Reach out to me should you need help; myself and the Company will lend our aid.

Renshi Ignathis Nachtfeuer,
Head Chef of the Company


I know i am not alone in stating that both sides are stubborn ⸴ ignorant ⸴ and almost will-fully stupid · But i begrudgingly agree with my cousin taios that it is clear the planar knights are more concerned with the well-being of the future ⸴ and as such i will give what support i can to their end ·

Let me further state that ⸴ though likely unattainable ⸴ my greatest wish is that in spite of the inevitable damage and death the planar knights' plan will cause in the short term ⸴ we still fight as much as possible to save as many lives as possible ⸴ not only in the future but now as well · My conscience will not allow me to participate in any portions of the plan in which we must knowingly or purposely sacrifice people ⸴ regardless of whether they are «the few» or «the many» ·

~ i.d.r.e. ·

Joseph Smith

You have a great grasp of the information. Thank you for sharing it with us. That being said:

As adventurers, we sometimes are presented with the ability to change things. Some things are clear in their need to be changed for the greater good. Sometimes, it's a little blurry. I would caution those who seek an end that puts those at risk that they seek to protect.

It is one thing to take adventurers out and slay monsters. Undead and many beasts present a clear hazard to the populace who mostly have no established defense other than to flee or hide. Those adventurers you took with you? They have started (and many have mastered) a life dedicated to the service of others or the pursuit of greed. They have, in every case, accepted that this life is not without risk. It is not immoral to risk adventurers' lives in pursuit of a goal they have knowingly chosen.

When you choose something like what planes of existence have merit, you are making a choice that you do not have the moral authority to make. The plane is what it is. It makes no choice to harm you or disrupt your life. Furthermore, I haven't seen any research on how this will further stabilize or destabilize magic. I've seen No-Magic Zones in Wayside. They are awful, and they most greatly affect those who are not adventurers.

My long-winded point is that there are not two options. There are at least three: support the Guild of the Gifted, support the Planar Knights, or ignore the larger struggle. Participation and commitment are not necessary, they are optional. We are threatened by a great many forces. While I agree that with great effort we might be able to swing enough battles to change something, this conflict is greater than us. Let's focus on things we CAN affect, and people who can clearly benefit from us.

-Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith,

I appreciate your participation in this crucial sharing of information; it's important that everyone's concerns are properly and truthfully addressed, and so the mere act of voicing opinions on this matter is of great help to all the adventurers.

On that note, I would like to clarify a misconception some may have on this matter. Joseph is certainly correct, that there is a third option, to ignore the conflict, and allow the Guild of the Gifted and the Planar Knights to fight their own battles. After all, we are Adventurers, and do at most times have the option to mind our own business, to deal with other seemingly more pertinent threats. However, that same "option" existed for Bleak, as well, as it existed for so many other terrible threats to the world.

I realize that, on the surface, this may not appear as grave a matter as Bleak, nor is the war so obviously on the Adventurer's doorstep that we would consider it on the same threat table. However, I'm here to assure you that is not how it will stay, not by any stretch of the imagination. If the adventurers choose to wash their hands of the Elemental War, it will not be an act of wisdom or prudence: there is biding one's time, and then there is simply shying away from a conflict. The adventurers have already bided their time, that choice is what has allowed the war to escalate.

The two sides are now actively opposing each other, battling and killing one another in the pursuit of their goals. This is not some foreign conflict of bordering nations that can be written off as, "Not our problem", it is a war to decide the very fate of the Cosmology.

Many words and clever phrases could be traded back and forth to no avail, and doing so will get us nowhere but a State of Affairs beyond our control. It is time for the adventurers to choose a path, and brace themselves for the consequences. I do not presume to judge those whose morals and sense of justice lead them to either side, for that is a choice that we must each make for ourselves. I will not, however, pretend as though refusing to confront it could somehow be viewed as courage; such would only serve to spit on the resolve of those who would risk their very being to forge a brighter future.

My long winded point is that, yes, the adventurers could do nothing; this would not only solve nothing, but serve to worsen the problem. To suggest that the Elemental War is beyond us as adventurers is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and one that I would not suggest so boldly proclaiming as truth. It is up to each of us whether to carry the burden of this heavy moral choice, and not a single one of us should ever attempt to speak for others, or what their potential to save lives could or could not be.

This is a turning point in history, one that will determine the future of the entire realm. It is not a matter of IF people will die, or IF people will be saved, but a matter of how many, and when. We can bear the brunt of tragedy and loss now, along with the burden of that choice, and secure a safer future for all, or maintain the status quo, and bear the knowledge that each innocent we do not save, now and forever, may not have faced that danger if we chose differently.

- Velnaeus Xevaz.

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I am very pleased with the civility I have seen so far. Well done, keep it up. I do, however, have two worries regarding this debate. Please respond with your insights and wisdom just as I have seen done so far (again, well done).

First, is that though the argument of “both sides are stubborn”, the argument seems heavily weighted in favor of the Planar Knights. I worry that the worst of it is perhaps being omitted, such as the potential of more no magic zones or the like.

The second is that the words “choose a side” has been said a lot, and I agree, mostly. Of course people should be informed, and many of you have done a superb job of educating the public. I just fear for the day when I hear the words “if you’re not with us, you’re against us”.

Again, thank you for your wisdom


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You bring up a very valid concern, and one I'd like to address. We, as adventurers, sometimes have conflicts of interest: that fact is unavoidable. In regards to the Elemental War, however, it should be well and plainly noted that none of the involved parties wish to spill even a drop of unnecessary blood.

I can only speak for myself delving further into this topic, so take that as you will, but I would rue the day that I would force such a hefty decision on another person. I am no stranger to burden, and even should my efforts assist the Planar Knights in a perfect implementation of their plan, and all goes well, the sheer number of lives lost in the process will weigh on me for centuries to come. I accept that fact, in my resolve, and on that token, I will not force that burden onto others. So long as I have a say in the matter, the phrase "You are either with us, or against us" will not be echoed among the adventurers.

- Velnaeus Xevaz.

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Joseph Smith

Goodman Velnaeus Xevaz,

I do not propose that we choose not to act at all. I propose that our actions lead toward outcomes we can foresee, and toward goals that we have the authority to make. For instance, if Ser Mathis states that he wants me to support The Knights Who Say 'Meh', I will follow that direction. Ser Mathis, as a Knight of the King Lycergis, speaks with his authority. As far as I know, the King hasn't weighed in. My gut feeling on that is that the King probably doesn't want to make a judgment for the entirety of the Shard. As Kings go, he's actually quite wise. He's probably more concerned about the much larger rival Kingdom trying to destabilize his realm and quite literally poison his people.

I'm not saying this isn't important. I'm saying there are issues in our backyard right now we can point to that we have the power and authority to help. Let's go help those people.

And most groups never want to shed "unnecessary blood". The rub comes in where they draw the line at "necessary". If I were to decide that the I didn't want you to cause destruction now for peace later, I should try to stop you from doing that. Should peaceful attempts fail, eventually non-peaceful attempts would be made. Was the blood "necessary"? It's a judgment call that gets blurry when things get desperate, and the closer one side nears victory, the more desperate the other side becomes.

You aren't talking about a "conflict of interest". There's a sense of scale that doesn't address. You're talking about sacrificing innocents that don't get a say in the matter to save more innocents later. When there are clearly moral things you could choose to do with your resources. This choice you are asking people/telling people to make- this will lead to a real conflict, whether that is your intention or not. I'm trying to present an option where adventurers can choose to not fight their comrades, but do adventuring.

-Joseph Smith


Whats happened? I never knew Order was deads! Dis alarmings to says the leasts.

Strange Lands strange wars but aid I do wish to lend should it be possible for Order be restored

-Dolarth Sarzig