On Behalf of Nordenn


On behalf of the people and lands of Nordenn, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all who came to our aid in our time of need this past weekend at Michu Farmstead. Many lives were saved because of your timely arrival and valiant efforts, lives of people that had no means to defend themselves.

To those who lost lives or whose loved ones suffered permanent death during the evacuation of Shadowkeep, I encourage you to reach out to my representative at the keep, so that I may offer whatever support I can. Nothing can make up for the loss of life, but I would continue to aid the living and honor our dead. Be assured that my heart too aches with each of yours.

And now, let us continue on, strong in our solidarity, and we will continue to prevail, and live.

Everywhere and Always,
Dame Aelawen Gildenfeather
Nordenn Council of Regents
Guardian of the Chivalry of Nordenn
Knight of the Order of the Foundation