On the Eaters


Public Relations Committee
Greetings Adventurers,

I would like to follow up upon the Eaters.

It is important to note that currently we have an armistice with them, as we strive to cure them of the curse.

The Eater curse was placed upon them by Lumina. I have no details on the reasons for this. The ancestral knowledge was either lost or considered too secret to divulge
. The Eater curse corresponds to peoples of the Elder Dragons. One curse per the Elder’s corresponding to each dragon's favored race and all protected races.The curse is passed via live birth or via a killing blow that is survived by the intended target.

Eaters are proficient in all weapons. Their weapons carry the curse. Once a weapon of an Eater is passed off the curse is on the weapon for up to one hour. Be it an hour after the death of the Eater or handed off to another person.

This counts as a Greater Fey Curse and cannot be avoided. Currently only the King or Queen of fey can lift the curse and can only target one individual at a time. I believe that this magical way of removing the curse is not a viable method to remove it. The mundane method is much more obtainable.

This is referred to as a Panacea Potion

To craft a Panacea Potion a Master Alchemist or Master Potion Master is required. Barring that two Journeymen are required: one alchemist and potion maker. Multiple potions must be mixed and 100 points of protection must be expended.

The craftsmen must take ten minutes of concentration to combine the ingredients to create the Panacea Potion. Then it must be imbibed. The potion brings forth a great wave of sickness. I am not sure if this will lift the curse of those who were born with the condition.

As the potions required are illegal I am not listing them here.There is currently discussion with the Kingdom on the process.

I shall update as the process continues.

Matron FallingStar


They may also try to put your corpse on layaway for a fair price, but who knows what could happen to your spirit even after permanent death.

-DeSylvia, U.A.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
I'm not sure what we're talkin' about, and I reckon I'm not alone! So, what are these Eaters? What does this Eater curse do?

~ Silp


Public Relations Committee
Lord Silp,

The Eaters come from Anret. They slept through the Ages of Pisces and Aquarius. They are now awoken.

Each Eater is cursed to only gain sustenance from the permanently dead bodies of the type based upon the Elder Dragon's preferred race. Elder Black guards all elves. Eaters of Elder Black's can only gain nourishment from the permanently dead bodies of all elves. If the curse is passed then you are also cursed to only gain nutrition from eating permanently dead bodies of the group that corresponds to the Elder Dragon. Having a cure to this curse is paramount as it has to potential to spread very fast.

It is my hope that we can cure as many as possible before this curse spreads beyond limits of attempts at control. This is a contagion that could quickly reproduce faster than we have the ability to cope with.

Matron FallingStar