OOG: About the IG message board

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The Board:

The IG message board is assumed to be an actual message board on a wall in the IG tavern called "The Vulgar Gargoyle.” The tavern is located in an area most commonly referred to as “The Bastion of The Hollow” on the continent of “Laerthan,” also now most commonly referred to as “The Deadlands.”


To post on this board either your character, or someone who could feasibly put up a post for your character, has to be able to get to the board.

In between events, characters traveling from other IG continents can often materialize within the borders of Finn Castle Bastion or the Bastion of The Hollow. So, if your character simply would prefer not to be in the Bastion while he or she is not actively adventuring, or if you plan on chapter hopping, it is feasible to post IG in between events.

Travel within The Deadlands:

Please note that travel within the lands of this chapter is rather different from some of the other games in The Alliance. Firstly, traveling from one area of the continent to another is somewhat challenging, since the majority of the lands are now considered lost, uncivilized, and overrun with undead and various other monstrous races. In between events, the portals to the other Bastions on the continent are closed off, so it is extremely difficult to get from (for example) The Bastion of North Fortress to The Hollow Bastion in one month. Such travel would require an IG justification, such as an NPC who has the ability to rift assisting your character. A plot submission would be required in order to coordinate this sort of travel.

The Portal:

All of the Bastions in The Deadlands are portals to one another, but only Finn Castle Bastion and The Hollow are portals to the mists which take a character to another continent. Unless otherwise informed by plot, your character cannot mist travel from the lands of other chapters into any other area of these IG lands.

Please feel free to email me if you have any further questions.

Gary Marvel
Chapter Owner
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