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    Hello to our Alliance of LARPers,

    As those of you at the latest event may have heard, one of our plot members has decided that they need to step down due to life issues. I’d like to be the first to thank Paul for all the wonderful plot work he has done and express my happiness that they are going to continue to NPC with us to help tell the amazing stories he is known for.

    With that said, we are putting out an open call for those interested in helping to create our game world. I mentioned that if you were interested to contact, which is still true. However I want to now go into more detail as to what we will be looking at from there.

    We will look at what experience you have as a storyteller in the general sense, and then for a combat LARP in particular. Although exceptions can be made when merited, we generally like our potential plot folks to at least spend a game or two in Monster Camp while we work to get them trained up first as Guildies and then with further Plot information. This is to ramp up world knowledge, the operations of monster camp, and to allow us to observe folks leading/guiding other NPCs. In addition this time gives us an opportunity to see how you handle the story curve-balls that PCs are notorious for.

    In addition you should be aware of the requirements of the job as it takes up quite a bit of free time outside of game.

    • You would be expected to help organize and write events, including downtime responses, modules, information cards, time schedules, and short character bios.

    • You would be expected to be able to answer simple world information questions to those who ask (and believe me, we get asked ;) ).

    • Make regular online meetings on a regular weekly basis.
    • Work with a team of fellow plot members to create a collaborative story.

    In return you would get rewards beyond measure:

    If this still seems like your brand of insanity, you can reach out to me personally, or the above email address in specific so we can talk with you further about this exciting opportunity.
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    clears throat

    It is my pleasure to announce that Aspen is now officially our fourth Aer'Astra plot member. They've shown immense RP chops and an understanding of the 'unwritten' ideas of Alliance Oregon. I'm thrilled to have him on our team, and look forwards to all the amazing plot lines they will co-create.
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