Open Call for Potential Battlefield Squad Leaders


I wish to extend my thanks to the 6 individuals who accepted the assignment of Squad Leader, the 2 who additionally volunteered, the casters of and invested to the limited circles of power in a certain battle in New Acarthia in April. I do not name you for our enemies have shown themselves to be clever, and capable of reading. Know that I am grateful for your acquiesence, support, and timely organization - and quick thinking when our plans went awry. I will remember your assistance, and call upon each of you again in the future.


Which brings me to an open call for battlefield Squad Leaders:

Will you raise your voice in command to lead a group of 4 or more adventurers on the field? Collect your group when the battle cry arises. Keep them together and informed. Choose your duties, your targets, and lead your people?

If you wish to be chosen in the future as a Squad Leader, please make your desire now known by signing your name below this missive.

Thank you,
Baroness Katherine Rivervale


*Scrawled with the practiced flourish of one who signs their own name far too often* Elwin D. H. Hilltopple