Von Raven

(Mike V, please email this recommendation to the various chapter owners).

To whom it may concern:

My name is Patrick Von Raven. I was there from the Alliance's single chapter beginning, fought for it against Nero International and even inspired the organization's name. I helped create much of the early IG structure and plotlines. I was the first chairperson of the NERO ALLIANCE National Plot Committee. I named the gaming world, Fortannis, and created the IG mechanism for the players to travel, IG, to the various chapters: The Enchanted Mists.

I hereby endorse Renee Iovino for National Alliance Chairperson. Renee adheres to a high standard of gaming excellence and I've found her gaming ethics to be superior to most that I've encountered in LARPS. Her tireless efforts at Logistics--one of the most under appreciated positions in the game--and the resulting success have gone quietly unnoticed. I've had the honor and priviledge to work with her on the NJ ALLIANCE Plot Committee. She and I have spend hours brainstorming on how to make people have fun--which is, bottom line, the chief reason why each of us drives distances both great and short to don costumes and make-up and spend weekends with little sleep. I have been impressed by Renee's unfailing dedication, her extraordinary creative talent, her sincere love of the game (she is certainly NOT one of those staff people out there who, quite confusingly, profess a dislike for the game, yet choose to run plot for it or own a chapter!). She is ever willing to pick up any slack, to see that the necessary jobs--even the unpopular ones--get done.

Player enjoyment is paramount to her.

Over the years, Renee has worked closely with the late, great, John T. Finnegan. She was his confidant in NERO/Alliance matters and would make a worthy successor. Time and again, my dear friend, John, would tell me how impressed he was with Renee's dedication to the game and her limitless potential to succeed in anything within the Alliance structure.

This is exactly what the Alliance needs.

I guarantee that Renee will not disappoint you or fail the Alliance.

Simply put, there is NO better candidate for chairperson than Renee Iovino.


Patrick Von Raven
Former National Plot Committee Chair
Former Head of Plot, HQ
Alliance NJ Plot Committee Member