Open Staff Positions with ALW


Wisconsin Staff

ALW is looking to fill the following positions. If you or someone you know would like to get involved and earn rewards for helping please get in touch with me at
No experience is necessary as our staff will train and certify you for each position.

-Customer Service Rep - someone willing to hear out our members with both good and bad issues to either resolve the issue or report it to higher staff for a solution.

-New Player Rep - an experienced player with the ability to help new player to better understand all aspects of our game.

-Racial Reps- enforce the Racial Representations among players to be sure they are adhering to our Alliance rules.

-Ritual Marshalls-we are looking for a PC Rep who can step aside throughout an event to assist in rituals being cast so we don't have to stop the plot team from running for ritual verification.

- Rules Marshalls - an individual who has a comprehensive hold on our rules.

And of course we are always looking for NPC's.

Thank you!
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