Opener favorites!


A few fav's from both sides of the fence:

Seeing all the shiny wisps and the constant use of lighting throughout the weekend.

Running my first mods in Alliance GB. Thanks for rolling with the fix mid stream.

Murdering Ruth....because I am horrible. Actually I just love watching her go tee hee.

Speaking of tee hee, Michelle, thanks for the name...and the nap....and walking around the corner.

Speaking of Kamryn meeting Taryn and messing up her name all weekend

Playing some cards

Watching the fighter tournament. I know some folks were not there, but it was fun watching those who were have a go.

Watching Darken take a role and roll with it. All the chaos and confusion from the roles place on stage (Big thanks to Lauren as well).

Watching the utter confusion and fun people had with Phalkor. almost had me laughing out loud!

Looking forward to the next event. Please everyone get your plot subs in ASAP so I can get all the writing in!

Time in Monster Camp!

Joseph Siegel
aka Resident Jerk


An incredible time.

I'd known from the get go that the world setting and potential interactions were absolutely amazing, but finally getting to play in it was phenomenal.
My hat's off to plot, props, and logistics. What a magnificent setup.

Watching Emily piss off some Adharcroi women. Loved, love it.

Seeing mine and Jill's characters finally touching the light of day. So much fun.

"What do you want me to do, dear, Throw Vials At Them?!"

Dagger fighting is not for the weak of arm. It is both hysterical, and bloody exhausting. Big thanks to Ruth for being a great sport at the end there.

PC shenanigans and interactions.

Not playing a fighter character, only to play what is apparently a running character. Ah well.

"Are you...chewing a stick?"

"It's a kalimba."
"An instrument."
Santet: "I thought you were going to say fae magic."
"Heh, no."

I cannot wait for the next event.


Thank you everyone that help make this past weekend happen. I had such a great time!

Getting to see old friends that I haven't seen in a long time!

I am so glad I finally got to roll out Taryn or as Simon called me Tamryn.

Mich getting to run around with you again was such a blast! Can't wait to play more with your character!!

As soon as I got dropped into town along with Arc a band of trolls started to come toward us.
Arc- "Do we run?"
Me- "uhmm, not sure."
Trolls start to move towards us.
Arc-"Okay we run now??"
Me- "umm lets see what they do."
One starts to run toward us.
Arc- "Ok now??"
Me- "Sure" thinking he meant into the dark, just a little bit up the path.
Ran a short distance and turned around to fight and realized he was gone. Totally gone. Thanks Arc!

Friday night deadwalk and hiding in the woods and having Elissa character come upon us and not know we were there.....after sitting there for about 20 mins, she offers me a brownie from her picnic basket...."Are you eating...? While we are hiding so we don't die?" "You are having a freaking picnic right now, seriously?" her reply was made of win! "Better time than any, right?"

Emily pissing off my character just by the sight of her NPC, the comments to poke more, and then "helping" me to stop laughing. OMG I was sooooo mad at that point one more word, only one more word!

Playing cards and dice.

Being totally confused by Phalkor and yeah....

Laughing so hard that I could not fight back because Amanda's undead proceeded to hit me multiple times in the chest.

Gilwing's face when I told him I prefer my right horn because it was more sensitive!

Always make sure to duck when I am around David. (just kidding. I can take it!) Just go for the left next time.

Tavern staff and food was awesome!

The walk around the lake!

Winning the fighter's circle. Then Simon showing me I have a lot more to learn. lol

Lauren's NPC, Stephaine and trying to have Slurg waylay her and not realizing she had a magic armor on. Then feeling bad when she yelled at him.

Thanks again everyone! I will see you next event!


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Lauren's NPC, Stephaine and trying to have Slurg waylay her and not realizing she had a magic armor on. Then feeling bad when she yelled at him.
I had a ton of fun playing Stephanie, ahahahah. Dealing with a couple angry MWEs who believed they were dealing with a slaver was sure a good time. While I can neither confirm nor deny the majority of accusations, I actually really hadn't attacked anyone other than an Elosdi at any point and it makes me feel very good to have made you feel bad :D

Going out looking for trouble and PCs just wanting to talk or hand out bottled water.

Going out in groups large enough that a weaponless scholar was viable and somewhat effective. Sorry about all those shatters, ladies.