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  1. alliancelarpnyc

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    Good Evening players of Alliance LARP, after much consideration I've decided to push our opening event until the month of December. There is still much to be done in getting the chapter running. I had the opportunity to speak with Mike V. and, like him, we want the best for our game world to keep our players enthusiastic and coming back.

    We also noticed problems occurring with our logistics email address which my logistics head and I spent the evening correcting working with our mail provider. We've verified that emails are working now and going properly to logistics.

    We will be updating our website to begin allowing membership registration. Updates will be coming more often now both in the in-game and out-of-game boards. We thank you for your patience and we cannot wait to give you another story to adventure in.
  2. Dûrion_Silme

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    Any updates?
  3. alliancelarpnyc

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    My GM and i plan to go over our scheduling this weekend. We are very much still in this for the long haul.
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  4. Tulbor

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    Glad to hear it. Would love to come by and visit next time I'm back home. Where do you guys plan to have events?

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