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    The Oregon Chapter is offering a SEASON PASS again this year! Huzzah!

    What is a season pass?
    -A season pass grants you blankets (XP) for all of the games the Oregon chapter hosts this year, provided you don't attend a game that weekend already. If you do attend a game that weekend, whether in Oregon or somewhere else, you get 60 gobbies instead of XP.

    What isn't the season pass?
    -A season pass does not grant you admission to Oregon games. If you wish to attend, you must still pay the admission fee ($60 for pre-reg, $70 for non-pre-reg). This is mostly designed for people who are out of state or who don't regularly attend Oregon games.

    How much does a season pass cost?
    -Act now and a Season Pass will be yours for $70! That's only $10 per game! You will also get credit for any game days we host in the chapter as well!

    What is your 2019 schedule?
    You can find our 2019 schedule here: https://alliancelarp.com/forum/threads/event-schedule-2019.38136/

    How do I pay for the season pass?
    -Send $70 to paypal@allianceoregon.com through paypal or to $allianceoregon cashtag or by clicking on this link: https://cash.me/$allianceoregon by Square Cash.

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    5. Your Chapter's Logistics' Email Address
    What if I have questions about the season pass?
    -Contact Alliance Oregon's Logistics: logistics@allianceoregon.com or reply here and we will be happy to answer all your questions! (You'll get a faster response through email, FYI.)

    How long will I be able to purchase a Season Pass?
    You can purchase a Season Pass until April 1st, 2019! Yay! Lots of time to decide!

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    Our new 2019 season is about to start! Don't forget to get in on this while you can. It's only $10 per event!

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