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South Michigan Staff
Alliance South Michigan seeks to be a a fun and safe place to adventure and as such we feel it is important to establish policies for bringing in new players.

We welcome anyone who is at least 10 years old to Page in our Game.
Rules they must follow:
  1. They must be pre-approved—no showing up at the door and asking to be a Page. Contact the General Manager (Matt:
  2. The Page’s parent or legal guardian must sign a Release and must be onsite as a PC during the entire event (while the Page is in attendance).
  3. The parent or legal guardian is responsible for the Page’s actions and must remove the Page from the site if asked. The parent or legal guardian must keep track of the Page.
  4. Any Page who is disruptive, does not obey these rules, or in any other way is deemed to be harmful to the game will be asked to leave.
  5. All Pages must wear an orange headband with the word “PAGE” written on it prominently.
  6. Pages cannot enter combat in any way, including pouring healing potions in unconscious bodies during a battle. (After a battle or way off on the sidelines is fine.)
  7. Pages cannot purchase any combat, weapon, or casting skills. Pages can purchase role-playing skills such as Read and Write, Healing Arts, Craftsman and such. Alchemy can be purchased but no gasses may be thrown. (Pages earn build like any other Player).
  8. Pages cannot carry weapons at all, unless as part of clearly organized training, where the Page is learning to play the game.
  9. Pages can carry in-game items (except weapons) and can be searched.
  10. In order to harm/kill a Page, a player must stand within weapon's range of the Page and say "Page, I slay you" but cannot hit the page directly in any way. The page can call out any protective spells the page has and can yell for help or try to run away. A "Slain" page may be "healed" within 1 minute through the use of the First Aid Skill. An Page that isn't "healed" must go out of line of sight before returning to life. Pages do not resurrect.
Upon reaching 14 years of age a Page with at least 6 events experience can become a regular PC, with permission from the Owners. They still require a parent of legal guardian to sign the release and contact information for the parent or legal guardian must be on file with Logistics.

If you wish to bring in any new player who is under the age of 18 please make sure to inform the General Manager in advance (Matt:
This is important because need to have a parent or legal guardian sign a release on behalf of the new player before they can play.

Questions or Concerns? Contact the General Manager:


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