Parry vs Physical Delivery


Seattle Staff
Currently, Parry can intercept a physical delivery, allowing someone to take a Spellstrike for an ally in range. However, with the 2.0 focuses on qualifiers, will this be changed where Parry can only interact with weapon qualifiers?


Well, I would argue that you can still parry strikes. Rules say,
"An explicit keyword has been added, Strike, which allows a Physical delivery to use the packet targeting rules for that attack only."

So it's still a physical delivery, and physical deliveries can be parried. And it looks like all types of physical deliveries can be parried. Unlike poor evade, that can't get out of the way of calls with poison.


Oregon Staff
Per the 0.12 packet, parry keys off the weapon qualifier and physically delivered poisons, but it does not explicitly say that covers physically delivered spells.
Some defenses – like Parry and Riposte or other weapon-specific defenses – have changed to specify that they work against any attack with either the “Weapon” qualifier or the “Poison” qualifier (only if the attack is made with the physical delivery). This helps eliminate some exceptions.