PEL: Post Event Letter Opener/Playtest


Chicago Staff
Thank you everyone who came out and endured the actually really nice weather! ;) We had a blast running for you! We hope you guys had fun too! Please let us know what you thought of the event by sending a Post Event Letter to
Thank you again

Your Entire Plot Team


here's a nice tidy template I copy/pasted from a previous PEL post for those of you who arent sure what to write (like me)

Alliance LARP Chicago

Post Event Letter

Player Name:
Email Address:
Character Name:
Date of Event:

Which plotlines were you involved with during the event?

Which plots or staff characters do you want to see more of and why?

What goals or unfinished business does your character have?

What actions did you take towards those goals?

Do you have any other comments about the game?

What in game comments, rumors, gossip, or advice on survival or plot
might be overheard from your character?

Did you assist with Clean-Up?
If yes, please include what you did for clean-up:

Are you using an Information Skill between events?

Additional Comments to Plot:

Also your input on:

Favorite Mod/Scene etc:
Favorite NPC:

Best Costume NPC:
Best Role Play, NPC:
Best Role Play, PC:

Best Costume, PC



Chicago Staff
Just bumping this for folks!! We love feedback!!


Chicago Staff
Bumping now that the Season is over. I know the Plot team is appreciative of any feedback on the event or year as a whole.