I would like to petition to be a member of this guild. I have been known beyond the mists to have busy paws when it comes to the sewing arts. During my unfortunate war wounds that left me with an extended duration of a mild case of common canine bloat I found time to dedicate more so into the art of sewing and fabrication. I am now fortunately over my case of bloat and will find myself at the next gather and with creations in paw.

I make/made bags (perfect for magic mushrooms, alchemical globes, arrows, as well as books of the magical study variety), "archer" hoods, small painted and fabricated coin boxes, coin pouches, and more. If one doesn't mind small bits of fur (oog: not literally) on some of the creations then they will be for sale.

However, Id like to join the guild as soon as available so I may perhaps post and maybe take custom orders if wished? If I have to petition in person then can it be known who is the master of such a valuable guild?

I also have the patience and coyote's eye when it comes to stitching words or pictures onto works with, in my opinion, great professionalism. Scripting and picturing that one would swear it was stitched by magic!

Always in service,
Corporal Zimps


Gettysburg Staff
We will be glad to test you for entry into the clothiers guild the next gather you are able to attend!

- Himson Newmoon
I gladly accept any test or challenge that is required of me. If there is anything, dear Newmoon, that I must bring to the test on my own account feel free to let me know either here or privately if preferred. I will be at the next gather with ready paws and happy-tail!

Corporal Zimps