Physical Bindings and Defenses

Discussion in 'Marshal Questions' started by Ko the Wizard, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Ko the Wizard

    Ko the Wizard Newbie

    Hey guys I am just curious.

    Someone pointed out to me that you can "physically bind someone" to make them helpless for a killing blow.

    I wanted to know what the RP, Prop, and other requirements were to perform this "binding" action.

    Additionally can skills like Resist or Cloak Binding be used to immediately escape from being tied up?

    How does Monster Strength play into being tied up? What if the item used to tie someone up is a magic item and thus "can't be physically broken?"

    Thank you for the consideration. :)
  2. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    The RP is generally to provide something that can be used to tie someone up, and then give that to the now "tied" character, usually while describing your action, and the process taking some time to do. For safety purposes, don't actually tie someone up, they will hold onto the restraints and properly RP being restrained.

    Abilities that prevent Binding will not work on this as they defend against the Binding effect group, and as this is not an actual delivery/qualifier/effect action, it doesn't work. The Release spell however does work, as it mentions removing these kinds of physical restraints.

    Monster strength (or endow) will generally let you rip free of these kinds of physical restraints, although plot may have requirements for how much monster strength would be needed (rope is easier to break vs steel manacles, etc.). If the restraining items are indestructible, you cannot rip free of them.

    There can be a lot of role play with these kinds of scenes, and if your local plot team encourages RP benefits of Craftsman skills, you might have a very quick OOG discussion during the scene about having relevant skills. As that is a chapter specific, plot dependent decision, (or lacking such guidelines, between the players in the scene,) it is beyond the scope of predetermined rules.
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  3. Draven

    Draven Baron Seattle Staff Marshal

    Also, Shatter/Destroy would be a thing.
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