Place to stay and a Ride from the Airport - March


Hey guys, I'm toying with the idea of coming out for the March game. Issue is that flights dont line up well for same day travel. I would need a place to crash both thursday night and sunday night. The flight I'm looking at comes in around 8:30 on thursday and I would need to be at the airport by about 9 or 10 am on monday (though earlier is fine).
Also would need a shield and edged weapon to borrow, but that is less pressing.
Any help on the possibility would be appreciated.
-Nicholas (Daxter the Stone Elf)


Seattle Staff
@Nikorisu I just shared this post to the FB page! If you use FB, I definitely recommend joining our page if you haven’t already, it’ll probably be a faster way to get you situated. :) Please reach out to me if you don’t get a response, I’ll bump it on our group.


Seattle Staff