Player-run Snack Table at tavern in June and July


Seeking contributors for player-run snack table!

At the June 21-23 event at Beaver Ranch, players will take over a portion of the built-in wrap-around table in the tavern for an Open Snack Table. Anything on there, food or drink, is up for grabs to anyone, FREE!

There will be an IG tip jar there to benefit tavern staff.

Seeking contributors for the following goods:
  • Bring snacks and drinks!
  • Individually wrapped, or
  • Lid on any tray of something larger like baked goods
  • NO ROOM for your use of kitchen fridge or coolers, thank you!
  • If it’s homemade, kindly provide a small card listing the ingredients for benefit of those with food sensitivities, please
  • Bonus points: Bring a cloth or napkin to cover over the top of any glaring real world packing like a mountain of Dorito bags, for instance
  • Just the cloth or cloth napkins, even if you don’t bring food or drinks

Seeking volunteers to help in the following ways:
  • RESERVED: We need 1 large Rubbermaid type bin, with lid, under the counter to hold extra supplies
  • RESERVED: We need a cloth covering for that Rubbermaid bin
  • Replenish snack area every so often with extra supplies from the Rubbermaid bin
  • Sweep this area for packaging and trash now and then
  • RESERVED: Tablecloth under the snack area that you don’t mind getting food & drink spilled on
  • RESERVED: Make and post nice sign saying the snacks are free!
  • RESERVED: Make and label tip jar for tavern staff
  • Clean up, distribute, or take home extras at the end of the event

Please respond in this thread if you want to volunteer for any of these duties.

Things to bear in mind to keep this nice, and ongoing without fuss:
  • Storage area in tavern is SUPER LIMITED. Please do not buy giant CostCo case of supplies and just dump it up there. You may wish or need to keep extra supplies in your cabin, and replenish them yourself at some point during the event.
  • Please be mindful of game atmosphere in appearance. Even a small effort like a cloth napkin over a Doritos bag goes a long way to keep our tavern cool looking.
  • Please avoid large containers that people have to dip grubby hands into; individually packaged is better, or provide a scoop
  • Please bring lids, covers, or other ways to avoid bugs, bears, bugbears, and staleness
  • This is player-run; please do not add to the work of tavernkeeper by asking to store your food there, or lean on her for support.
  • Please pick up trash in this area, yours or others, so this effort doesn’t get out of hand
  • Swing back by on Sunday for your container, or leftovers!

Thank you, Acarthia!

Trace “I love snacks because I’m a hobbit” Moriarty
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Hell yes to the yes yes yes yes.
Best idea I've ever heard in my entire existence. Now THAT is what those wraparound tables are for! I am gonna bring snacks and volunteer to make a sign for them.


Wayfarers will contribute! Individual snacks and a table cloth for under the snack area.
I'll be keeping oranges on my person and in my area, but I can leave some here as well. Can't be wasting spells on common scurvy now can we?


I have made some muslin snack sacks that I believe will holdout snack bags. They have stars on them! Please place them back when done and I’ll take them home and wash them.

I also made a cloth to go over the Rubbermaid but upon reflection may not be big enough.

Tip jar also made.


Update: We now have volunteers for all the supplies needed to set this up - thanks, everybody!

Casual poll suggests most folks are trending toward bringing healthful snacks. I haven't heard of anyone bringing fun drinks yet, if you still want to contribute and are wondering what to bring.



We will be doing the same setup for the Snack Table again at the July 19-21 event. Please bring snacks to share, and cloth to cover their OOG packaging.

With luck, we may have a little more room in the tavern this time for table setup, without Logistics tables and circles (who even knows!), and we can get a little more elbow room near the snacks.



Denver Staff
Hi all,

I want to say that I really enjoyed having snacks available like this. Plot (via Emily and Sierra, I believe) made a great contribution on Friday night, and then the other goodies were just there. It was really nice.

Thank you for being an awesome community.