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Playtest Community Manager
In a continuing effort to provide greater transparency to the v2 playtesting process and results, this thread is dedicated to hosting the compiled feedback from Playtest Coordinators of varying chapters. This information is only for reference in this thread, but please feel free to create individual threads to discuss items that you feel warrant further conversation.

Additional posts will be provided below to include the links to chapter specific summary documentation. I would like to encourage all Playtest Coordinators who have cycle data they wish to share to please PM me a link to any public document you would feel comfortable having posted here. If a link is unavailable, please PM me for email contact information, and you can send me a file to be uploaded here. If the results are not too lengthily, you can also send them directly via PM, as opposed to a link or document, and I will copy/paste the notes here.

Documentation will be uploaded by chapter, and chapters will be posted in the order in which their feedback is received.

As always, we greatly appreciate the continued efforts of our Playtest Coordinators, our playtester base, and anyone who takes the time to proactively assist in ensuring that the v2 product is the best it can possibly be.

Thank you

Chris Fernandez (Tevas)
Alliance San Francisco Playtest Coordinator
Alliance LARP Playtest Community Manager
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