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    Good afternoon folks!

    We've been asked a few times for a complete list of Playtest chapters and dates. Here's the current list to the best of my knowledge:

    Calgary: 8/17-8/19, 9/7-9/9, 10/12-10/14
    SoMi: 9/14-9/16, 10/5-10/7
    NH: 10/5-10/7
    Seattle: 11/9-11/11
    Denver: 11/16-11/18
    Oregon: 9/21-9/23
    TC: 9/7-9/9, 10/12-10/14
    Chicago: Mods run 9/22-9/23
    Utah: To be announced/scheduled.
    SF: To be announced/scheduled.

    I apologize for being a little late in getting this list out. Hopefully it helps people make plans for the rest of the Playtesting season if they're able to attend these events!

    -Bryan Gregory
    ARC Chair
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