Please help friends in need

Earlier today Ben and Stephanie Waterman lost their home in a fire. Their family is safe but they have lost everything. There is a camp that can take them in for the winter but they, their five children and the children's grandmother have nothing but the clothes they were wearing. For anyone who can help, we will be gathering donations to send to the Watermans at our event this weekend. They could really use:

Walmart gift cards.
Clothing for the kids covering every size from 2 years old up to adult size large for the older boys.
Health and beauty aids such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, and deoderant.
Ben wears men's size XL button up shirts and ties for work. He is a shoe size men's 11.5
Stephanie is women's size 2xl skirts and t shirts.
Canned goods, or other non-perishable food items.
Gift cards to Home Depot to make their temporary home handicapped accessible.
Cash donations.

If you are able to bring physical goods, please post them here so we don't end up giving them 30 toothbrushes.

As previously, we will be providing goblin stamps to those who donate as our way of saying thank you to everyone who helps us pick up a member of our community when they are down. Thank you all for reading, and for whatever support you can provide to a family of people who could not possibly be more deserving.

-Dan Beshers


Health and beauty aids such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, and deodorant. I will take care of and some clothing sizes Hats and Mittens scarves and some clothing.....
I know there will be some more things that will be added to my list but will add them as I collect them


Im grabbing
2 of pairs of pants
2 shirts
2 kids r us giftcards for some stuff for the kids
2 adult jackets

Ill have the following early next week:
A have a few bags of clothes for the kids, assorted shirts and pants.possibly a few extra shirts
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We're sending things up with Brian:
Adult sizes clothes which should fit the older kids

Children's Size 8 clothes and coats

Two kid sized blankets

Some pans and spices

Travel sized soaps (five liquid soaps which can get used for hand soap or body soap). Two bar soaps, too.

Edited to add:
In-laws donated a lot of shirts for the grown ups, and a nice coat!

Kate and Jeremy Davis
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I will be bringing:
- 12 rolls toilet paper
- 2 boxes of tissues
- 4 bars of soap
- 3 shower loofahs
- 1 bag of feminine products
- 1 bag of cotton balls
- 1 bottle 2:1 shampoo
- 1 tube toothpaste
- 10x AA and 10x AAA batteries

- 2 ties
- 1 belt (size ~34 men's)
- 10 size l/xl t-shirts (men's)
- 7 xl button up shirts (men's)
- 4 xl sweaters (men's)
- 5 xxl shirts (women's)
- 5 scarves

- 30x assorted canned/non-perishable food items
- 1 large box plastic cutlery

I hate that this is needed, but I love that your chapter rallies around it's players in a big way when life gets them down. Thanks for doing this.



Because of Alberts donation ad to not double and triple up here is my update:
Im grabbing

Work Shoes for Ben
2 kids r us giftcards for some stuff for the kids
2 adult jackets
A bit of bedding
Target gift card

Ill have the following early next week:
A have a few bags of clothes for the kids, assorted shirts and pants.possibly a few extra shirts
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I will be donating a large box of boys 2T clothes and large box of boys size 6 clothes. 3 jackets a pair of snow pants, etc.
I hope this helps.


New Hampshire Staff
My friends amd I got a van load of items to deliver!

- a few toys for kids
- a few button down shirts for Ben
- hangers
- some 2T clothes

-two 2xl skirts
- one pair of converse shoes for kids
- a few coats and shirts for the kids
-a few ties for Ben

-two laundry baskets
-pack of toddler socks
-pack of toddler underwear
-two packs of socks for Ben (black and white)
-pack of socks for Stephanie
- 2 fleece blankets
- 1 bottle shampoo and 1 bottle conditioner
-1 bottle kids body/hair soap
-1 bottle body wash
-6 pack of toothbrushes
- tube of kids toothpaste
- two packs ultrathin pads
-4-pack washcloths

I think that's everything! We'll be heading up tomorrow, hopefully there by 11am!


I'll share this to the Seattle and Oregon Facebook pages the moment I am able. I hope these fine folks are able to get on their feet sooner than later.
Thank you Evan, and thank you to everyone who has donated so far. I cannot stress enough what great people the Watermans are and how deserving they are of any help that people can spare.


Spoke with Dan, and wanted to offer some help.

Anyone who makes a Cash Donation of $200 or more. I will make you one of Warlords Crusade 10oz, Water boiled/sculpted Musculata Breastplates (I retail them around the country for $350). 100% of your donation goes to the Watermans. I am offering up to 5 at this deal. Wait time will be about 3-4 weeks. Again you must paypal Dan at the address he mentioned above, Make sure to tell him your correct address and phone number, as well as Black or Brown for color choice.
Breastplates will fit 5'5"-6'2". And 36 to 50" chest/waist.

I am also offering up to 10 pairs of my Warrior style Bracers. Standard Bracer that is duel layered of 9oz leather. They retail for $50, and anyone who donates at least $40 to the Watermans will get a pair. Allow 2-3 weeks. Colors are Black base with Red,Blue, purple, black or green top. (I do have 2 that are black bottom and white top already made, but do not get white leather often so I can only offer 2 white). Just tell Dan your color choice.

I am not sure why I am having a tough time loading pics. But you can message me you cell phone number and I can text them to you.


IMG_0229[1].JPG IMG_E1510[1].JPG IMG_1517[1].JPG IMG_0229[1].JPG IMG_E1510[1].JPG IMG_1517[1].JPGIMG_1520[1].JPG

The Musculata brown color may vary. No Adornments on the Shoulder Pauldron piece FYI.

Also if you donate at least $40 to the Watermans, you can take the bracers or one of these 5 pocket bags, with magnetic clasp. I no longer make these, I out source them FYI. But they are 7x9 approx. And pick a tall one or a wide one. ( 10 available, I retail them for $55, you can get one for a $40 donation)

I also have 2 pairs of my leaf pattern bracers left, brown/red or Brown/Pearl Green. You can choose these also if you like.

*** Please note the Green on the Warrior bracers is different, the Pearl Green in the photo was a rare paint I tried out.
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