Traverse City Staff
As PC’s we all enjoy this game, that’s why we come. As our chapter is growing it becomes more and more important to put in what we can. There is a growing problem that needs to be looked at so we all can enjoy this game. The heads of staff need our help.

This is a PLEA of the greatest impotents. We have an ever-growing amount of last minuet preregistrations. I have the feeling most people don’t have the understanding that they can prereg before you know if your going to be their. If there is even the slightest chance of you coming prereg this will help a great deal!!!! When the date is posted for us to have our prereg in it is the intention to have them in before that date not the date of or after, but even if more than half of us could manage to meet this date it would be an improvement. We all have things come up that we forget, however this should not be an every event thing. Amy does a lot by getting us all good food in tavern and doing all logistics. Lets help her out and get this done.

---Put the date on your fridge

---Put the date on your hand

---Put the date taped to the back of your phone

Lets help out where we can. This should be something we all can do.


Traverse City Staff
-- hate to sound like an *** but ……..come on people lets make this fun for everyone .

It is not hard.

-- pre reg if you even think you will be coming.

-- A lot of money and preparation goes into having enough food

-- it is way more preferable to have pre reg that don't show then haveing last min find and prepare for more people 3 or 2 days before the event.

-- people work and have full-time jobs

-- there is an easy to fill out pdf sheet that you can save and quickly update to pre reg on our site.


I apologize about my personal negligence on this subject. While there may be reasons I wasn't able to get my pre-reg in before Friday afternoon, they all boil down to forgetting. I'm going to make it my personal goal to always pre-register at least a week in advance.