Policy: Alliance Charlottesville Ritual Cap

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Due to In-Game events, Alliance Charlottesville (ACV) will have a Ritual Cap in place for the world of Urgwenteb. In order to raise or remove this cap, you will need to accomplish In-Game actions. "What actions?" you ask. FOIG.
At this time we will not be allowing LCO items from other chapters and Restricted items will be limited in their efficacy while traveling through the Mysts. What does this mean to you? Firstly, there is no limit to the level of character that plays in our campaign.

Players are limited to 15 rituals of “Restricted” magic that they may bring in when they come to our chapter. Items that exceed that total are not confiscated but “dampened” so that only some of its magic can pierce the veils.

Limited rituals are: Times per day activations (each activation), arcane armor, weapon auras, cloaks (each), banes (each), spell stores (1), bursts (each), vengeance, etc. (pretty much everything except the extender on your item, times ever activations, and links/locks)

If you have the Controlled Spirit Store or Regeneration Rituals on your character, they must be amongst the rits you have as part of your (15). Additionally, weapon auras cannot be "dampened" under this policy.

Rituals that do not count against your 15 Rit total.:
Extensions (5yr, perm, etc.), Times ever items, Links/Locks, ACV LCO and ACV Restricted items (that magic was already here), and Dragon Stamp items.

When you get to logistics you will declare the items you wish to bring into game and we will charge your items up to the limit. Anything not charged simply doesn't function normally at this time.

If you have any questions about this policy before you come to play. Please e-mail our General Manager (Luke Goldsmith) at GM@alliancecville.com and he will be glad to explain it further. This is an IN- & OUT-of-game effect for our chapter until further notice.
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