Policy: Change to Legerdemain, Regarding Lock Picks

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Carrying lockpicks within the State of Virginia (Code of Virginia - § 18.2-94) without being a "licensed dealer" is considered "prima facie evidence of an intent to commit burglary, robbery or larceny" and you could be charged with a Class 5 Felony. We do not wish this upon any of our players, so we have decided to adopt the following rules for picking locks in Alliance Charlottesville.

• A physical lock representation must be present. This lock does not have to be pick-able; it is merely there to represent itself. The lock should be affixed to the item it is securing in some way, but it should not be locked if it is around the hasp or other such mechanism. You may put a binder ring on the other end of the rope and put that through the hasp or other such mechanism.
• The person wishing to pick the lock must present a set of “tools” with which they could do so. These should not be real lock picks. This could just be a nail care kit or jeweler’s tools. The point is that the player must be carrying items for the purpose of picking locks and disarming traps. Your tools must be approved by a Marshal and given a "Lockpicking Kit" tag at Logistics. A "Lockpicking Kit" does not have a Production Value.
• A knot of rope is tied around the ‘U’ of the lock.
• The player must unknot the rope and remove it from the “U” in order to pick the lock.
• The difficulty of the lock will be represented by the number and length of ropes.

You cannot just cut the rope to by-pass the lock.

A shattered lock will be tagged with a red ribbon by a rogue marshal. This way it is obvious when someone returns, the lock has been shattered instead of just picked. If a lock is shattered on a module, the plot member will just removed the lock.

All rope should be ¼ inch nylon rope/cord.

By using this method, we circumvent any potential clashing with the state law.

We also feel that locks should be a production item and as such, they will be. Locks are created with the Create Trap production skill.

Basic Lock 5PP One 6 inch rope
Common Lock 10PP One 12 inch rope
Heavy Lock 15PP One 18 inch rope
Complex Lock 25PP Two 6 inch ropes
Byzantine Lock 40PP Two 12 inch ropes
Daedalean Lock 65PP Two 18 inch ropes
Gordian Lock 85PP Three 12 inch ropes

During modules you may run across even more complex locks. They may have more than three ropes and they may be different thicknesses. They may use alternate materials and designs, altogether. While you might be able to obtain them as loot, their recipes will never be available to PCs to produce (just like Death Gas Poison).

Please remember that lock tags and this method of lock picking is LCO and will not work at other chapters.
You may come into game with a single Basic Lock if you have the Legerdemain skill at your character's first event, in addition to your character's normal Starting Equipment.

This policy is still under development and may be subject to change at any time.

Alliance Charlottesville would like to thank Sarah Dzeima of Alliance San Francisco for the original concept.

Any questions or comments regarding this post can be directed to rules@alliancecville.com.
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