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Posted national level, but started Denver side here

I am in process of determining the valid use of foam stress balls as throwing weapon representations, however they cannot be purchased in small quantity, and become cheaper when bought in larger quantities.

This thread is to determine interest in, and if there is an interest, how many to buy, and where to send them.

I am currently looking at the star shaped 3.25" diameter foam stress balls, which if they are bought in bulk of 250 or more drop to about 55 cents a piece, or aproximatly 60-70 cents each splitting up shipping and setup costs. They would be purchased in Silver to simulate metal coloring, or in bright yellow to make them easier to locate on the ground after a fight.

If non-local (Denver) chapters would like them, I would buy quantity, repack and resell them to wherever at cost+shipping. I am not looking to turn profit, but I have no personal need of 200+ throwing weapons sitting in my closet.

The site I am looking at offers free single item samples shipped to people if anyone would like to test them out personally. Or, if you do not intend to buy, but want a free item, then hey, free stuff.

Other posible options in consideration.. lightning bolts, dumbells, and gavel shaped hammers are also on the table. Right now we are working to determine safety of the items for weather/cold, durability, and rules determination on throwing weapon appearance (AKA, Can a foam ball represent a knife, or a star represent a tomahawk), since weapon appearance does not follow a direct 1:1 for what a weapon looks like as to what is is representing.


They have a rather astonishing variety of shapes, I have to say. Any place that has separate 'octopus' and 'squid' shapes definitely has variety.

I tried putting in for a couple of free samples. Once I get them I'll see what I think for safety and post it up here.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
If they pan out to be safe, I think it's a cool idea, since I imagine they actually fly pretty well. I personally would be more inclined to get a hold of some black or silver spherical ones rather than star-shaped ones if just to have more generic thrown weapon and avoid possible safety issues with the points (let alone any aerodynamic difference), but I'm also thinking from a "stock NPC camp" sort of perspective.




If these are a success, (meaning I order a load of them, and don't end up with hundreds of them sitting in my closet still) Then I would consider ordering more unusual shapes or additional runs of them. Posibly even put the Alliance Logo on them if that is allowed. (not sure on fair use policy for the logo)

If anyone wants to order free samples, I'd recommend ordering the more unusual shapes and products (Gavels, rocks, food). Expecially since if it's free, might as well get one of the more expensive ones.
Anyone that does get a free sample, I have a few tests to run on them, as well as asking opinion. The more people that are willing to run these tests and give their findings, the better idea we have to go off of.

1) Place into refridgerator for a while. Test for changes. Does the foam get stiff in moderate chill? Does the covering get brittle or clammy?
2) Place in freezer for a while to get to deeper cold. Similar tests.
3) In warm temperatures (80-90+) does the covering get sticky or runny, Does the covering stain hands and/or cloth that it may touch
4) In general, how durable is the covering and/or foam. Will they rip or tear easily.

Major concerns : Safety
Will they injure or hurt anyone when used
Will they damage equipment or environment by breaking down

Major concerns : Usefullness
Will they throw straight and for a reasonable distance
Will they withstand common use

Other concerns : Economy
Will having these available hurt the sales of higher quality throwing weapon representations.
These are not intended to hurt the profits of people selling higher quality products. I view these as a cheap baseline. the throwie equivlent to PVC pipe, foam, and common gray duct tape, as opposed to well made latex dips or custom designed weapons.


Not sure... this seems to be a pretty old thread. I've seen some food ones at work before as promotional materials, and actually have an apple one on my desk as I type this. I'm no weapon marshal, but they're a pretty dense foam. I can say that I wouldn't mind them being thrown at *me*. The coating on them is pretty resistant to changes in temperature.

If someone from Headquarters is interested in them, I can bring the apple to an event for examination.