Possibly Incoming, flurry of questions.


Howdy folks,

As circumstance has it, I may end up living in Virginia for a bit. I currently play Alliance in Seattle and I'd like to keep playing after the move. I see you guys are a relatively new chapter, what should I expect? How might C'ville differ from other chapters? Will my character be easily transferred? I may have more, but that seems a fair enough start.

I'm just a player who played in the Cville opener. Your character should easily transfer to the chapter if you email your logistics with their log contact info. Cville as a chapter was a lot of fun with its own unique setting including the tainted lands and Dark Elf houses. The chapter is still very new and I would say the coming year they will probably grow and run some very cool things to make their chapter unique. Once again this is just what I suspect based on what I saw and know of the people involved. I hope to see you there man as its always fun to meet other alliance players.



First off, we'd be happy to have you come play if you do end up here in Virginia! Being a former West Coast player, myself, I know it can sometimes be tough navigating the multitude of Chapters out East. If you end up in the Northern Virginia (NOVA) area, you may also want to look at the Gettysburg, HQ, and New Jersey chapters as options to play since they each have very unique settings and problems to solve in the world of Alliance. If you end up further South, look at Alliance Crossroads (Asheville, NC), too. For everything else, I think Dan covered the bases pretty well, so I don't have any additional answers to your questions. If you come up with any more, we'd be happy to answer either here or from one of the Staff emails:
- Luke G.