post-Maelstrom campaign update - next year and beyond


San Francisco Staff
As you all know, the Maelstrom campaign is concluding this season, and this is Greg’s final year as Head of Plot. The Maelstrom story will continue in a new form, led by Miles as the new Maelstrom Head of Plot.

However, Miles and his team need some time to plan the new campaign – as well as to take a well-deserved break. The new post-Maelstrom campaign will not be running in the upcoming season; current plans are for a 2021 launch. For those of you who are local to or otherwise invested in that world and its story, the Maelstrom will not be closed to the mists – there simply won’t be large gatherings played out live during events. Miles will be providing periodic updates as to what’s going on in the world, so your characters can retain a sense of continuity, and we can get some hype going for the new campaign.

Enerret will still run as normal in 2020. This presents a unique opportunity: with the open slots in our event schedule, we’d like to open things up for other individuals or teams to try their hand at running an event.

There will be more details to come as we get our schedule locked in, but it’s looking like we will have 3-5 day event slots available. If you think you might be interested in a guest event – whether that’s as a plot lead, writer, cast character, or something else – please get in touch so we can get plans rolling!