Postponed Tournament


Traverse City Staff
Last fall's Tournament was postponed due to in-climate weather and grief within the Kingdom of Nu'Adah. The Tournament will be held this Saturday, the 19th day of May. Games will be held on the tournament grounds outside of Nu'Adah City. The tournament will commence at 11:00 am with the pinning of the leaf on the sprigand. This is the only game which is scheduled as all participants will need to compete at the same time. All other games can be completed individually. Groups may participate at the same time, but it is not required. The tournament will end at midnight at which time to winners will be announced. Games and prizes are listed below.

Pin the leaf in the Sprigand: 10 gold

Color puzzle: 10 level spell store; school of choice

Golem duel: Damage aura +3 weapon; winner's choice (non-bow)

Archery contest: Damage aura +3 bow; winner's choice

Trap Maze: 5 times ever dodge item

I look forward to seeing you all again and mending the relationship between the Kingdom of Nu'Adah and the adventuring community.

In friendship,
Leiliandriani, Duchess of Nu'Adah City