Resolved Potables and Metabolism

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I've asked most of my local marshals this, so escalating to ARC:

What potables do and don't work on creatures with no metabolism?

Obviously don't:
Harmful mixables (Alteration, Command, Curse, Damage, Gift)​

Maybe don't:
Harmful unmixables (Greater Command)
Helpful Alchemy (Antidote, Healing)
Potions (all)​

The question came up over a hypothetical situation:
If you feed somebody a love potion #9 then spell craft a reverse life force onto them. Can they drink an antidote?


All Alchemy uses the Poison qualifier and either the Ingested delivery or the Packet (Gas Globe in this case) delivery. Unfortunately, "no metabolism" is not well explained in the ARB, but creatures with no metabolism are (generally; Plot can always change Monster Cards) immune to the Poison qualifier. If something is immune to part of an attack (such as the Qualifier) they are immune to all of the attack.

Earth Potions do *not* use the Poison qualifier. They do not have any specified qualifier, in fact, which makes them an exception to other rules (they specifically do NOT use the Magic or Spell qualifier, as you cannot Resist Magic them). However, most of the effects they can imbue are Healing or Necromancy, both of which creatures with no metabolism are generally immune to.

Creatures with no metabolism are NOT immune to the various effects that Alchemy can create. For example, an ingested "Enslavement Elixir" (which uses the Poison qualifier) may not work on something with no metabolism since they are unaffected by Poisons, but an "Arcane Enslavement" would.

If you have further questions in this area, please post them first in the Marshal Questions forum.

-Bryan Gregory
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