Potion makers and suppliers wanted


Chicago Staff
To those at this last market and those that could not join us, the simple truth is we were not prepared. We had two defeats at the hand of the same enemy, and although no lives were lost, we came close too many times.

We have multiple crafters, and I'm sure many of us have potions sitting away in boxes and pouches just collecting dust. Thank you to Gerty who gave us potions earlier in the market though.

So I'm looking to purchase as many 5 Cure Wounds potions as you have, or can make. 20, 50, 100, as much as we can get. The next battle we can't be unprepared and we'll need to get our comrades off the ground when they fall.

I will pay 1s for each 5 Cure Wounds potion.

Find me when next we gather and I'll pay you for your services.

Squire Cassandra Malvern


I heartily second Squire Cassandra's call. I cast many of my healing spells and one life spell during one of our early encounters - I worry what could have happened to our adventurers if both Jamina & I weren't available this past market day to help out.

Squire Cassandra's efforts are officially being endorsed by the town box of Erabella and we will be working together in this endeavor.

Zen Mallowbrooks
Administrator of the Town Box


I agree we should all be carrying pick me up potions so we can lighten the load for our healers. I think it would also be useful to start trying to amass a few potions that remove problematic effects. It's less important than pick me ups or cure disease but I think being aware and able to solve problems before our people go down is wise.

Huntswoman Mint

Ryan W

I'll bring my inventory of healing potions. See you all in two weeks time.


I have been looking through the merchant guilds recipes and there are three that I have my eye on that would be helpful.

- slow bleed, affects the drinker for the next hour so they don't bleed out as fast extending the average time to 5 minutes.

-Blood block, also effective for an hour after consuming, It helps the blood block up the wounds and scab so that after about a minute instead of dying it's like someone tended your wounds. Like a simple sorcerer triage.


-Blight Cure, this will cure the first two stages of Blight.

I have not gained access to all these recipes but only the list and discriptions of what has been developed so I don't know how much materials I will need for creation. But if the town feels one of these is essential for our success I will trade in some favors to get my hands on it over the one or two other recipes I have my eye on.

Please share your opinions. I think that the limiting factor last market was more the lack of efficient carrying methods for the potions, and not having 3 seconds to administer it with out being attacked and downed themselves. And forgetting to replace used potions though out the day.

- Gurtude Clayheart
Mighty Master
Apprentice to Gasblower