Prademar: A Channeling Magic Item for Sale


Chicago Staff
During a recent visit to Summerash in the Shard of Gileania, a group of adventurers I was with happened upon an Item in which our group holds no use for. However when asking around the adventurers who were in attendance, there were some interest, but we were unable to centralize getting those interested at the same place at the same time to Auction among those Channelers to determine who both wanted it and wanted it "the most" measured in Fortanis Coin.

This item is a Transfer Gem, which when used will enchant an easily traveling Source for 20 days of Strenuous use. Allowing the holder of the source to Channel Health and Channel Armor. Both enchantments may each be used three times per day.

To maintain a centralized communication and transparency of those I was with - If you have an interest in acquiring this item, please draw your attention to where I will focus my dreams, by following my thoughts... Here.