Pre-PC Talk Dragonfall


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South Michigan Staff
Dragonfall Pre Pc Talk
PC Talk and New Player introduction will happen promptly at 10:00.
As soon as you’d like, you may begin a “soft lay on”
Please be there. If you’re a new player, please find one of the new player reps to be run through combat training.

Welcome to Dragonfall 2019! Dragonfall is a bit of a different game in that it’s a celebration weekend. This does not mean you cannot go on adventures or further plotlines. But, it does mean there will be no job board. There will be plenty of chances to get involved in plotlines this weekend. But, if you feel like you haven’t found them, don’t hesitate to come by npc camp.

  • Please ensure you return the chits after the weekend is over. You cannot save them for next year.
  • Do not remove puzzle pieces from the tavern. If you’re interested in disrupting progress on the puzzle please come see plot.
  • Dragonfall is all about community. There’s a lot of costuming and stuff to go around. These are all donations. You do not need to spend all your chits. So if there’s something that won’t really benefit you, please consider leaving it for someone who might get some benefit out of it instead.
  • You may encounter crafting challenges on mods, this will require you to have a prepaid crafting kit to complete them.
  • You may encounter two additional types of delivery modifiers in addition to “strike” this weekend. These are “By Voice” and “By Gaze”. These are both attached to a qualifier like strike.
    • By Voice: Anyone who hears any part of this effect, is affected by the ability as if it was a valid packet hit. Example: 10 Spell By Voice Flame
    • By Gaze: When an NPC Looks at you and calls this ability, they will point you out. You are affected by it as if hit by a packet. Eye contact with the npc does not matter.
  • We’ve announced our “Shattered Realms” campaign for next year. You can read more about it online. We’ll talk about the details of it more at pc talk.
  • This is the largest event we’ve had in quite some time. We ask for your patience as we deal with the large influx of players. We’ll need help with npc shifts at various times.
    • We also have special rewards for those willing to NPC Saturday night. (300 Goblin Stamps, 2 Magic Item Picks, 6 Dragon Stamp).
      • If you’re interested in this, please let us know asap.
  • We’ve got, what we believe are, really great recruitment rewards for bringing a new player. It’s a great way to earn rewards for our game. We’d like to increase the use of this. What’s stopping you from getting more friends out here? Let us know.
  • We sometimes build custom props. They are prototypes and should be treated with care, lest they become dangerous.