Pre-reg for Ashbury April event: CLOSED

1. Joe Siegel + year membership
2. John Perkins + year membership
3. Joshua Berit
4. Alex Koziak + year membership
5. Sam Norman
6. Eric Stehle (Ivan Drake)
7. Craig Fiske + $5 food donation
8. Diana Nunnally + year membership
9. Alex Tauber + trial membership
10. Frank Coyne
11. David Ehrhart (Khorwyn Brey)
12. Brian Whitham + year membership
13. Jon-Paul Gullo
14. Danielle Darwell
15. Robert Kinlen
16. Elizabeth Wallace
17. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos Sunwald) + $5 food donation
18. Kyle Spriggle + $10 food donation
19. Elizabeth Wallace
20. Illana Navas (Ferra) + $5 food donation
21. Todd Navas (Dorgun) + $5 food donation
22. Christine Maudlin (Gwendara) + year membership
23. Erika Noach (Kailani) + year membership
24. Kris Kitts (Jovunn) + year membership
25. Sheila Haswell (Aelawen)
26. Patrick Malone + year membership
27. Tom Wilson (Noot)
28. Samantha Bertrand + year membership
29. Sam Owens
30. Emily O'Neill
31. Luke Goldsmith (Valím Bloodclub)
32. Dan Mckiernan + year membership
33. Michael Brenizer + $10 food donation
34. Sean Metzler
35. Bill Gibbs
36. Alexandra Goncharova
37. Susanna Lee (Kialda Loa)
38. Jaimie Tooker + year membership
39. Jacquelyn Blumenthal
40. Someone else with Jacquelyn Blumenthal
41. Kevin Bertrand (Avernorn) + year membership
42. Amy Resele
43. Aaron Bonito + year membership
44. Lauren Webb + year membership
45. Kathy Rosenblatt
46. Jordan Krebs (Cyno)
47. Tracey Smith (Thurisaz)

1. Donna Hellmuth
2. Drew Resele
3. David DeMartino
4. Dom Alioto
5. Scott Kondrk
6. Collin Babcock
7. Justin Coggin
8. Ashley Thomas
9. Geoffrey Bayley
10. Perry Lyons
11. Drew McClary
12. Ken Swartz + $5 food donation

Phoenix: Vanguard
Gryphon: Robert Kinlen and the gang
Dragon: Nordenn
Pegasus: (Blythedale)

Fire: Joseph Siegel
Water: Craig Fiske
Earth: Michael Brenizer
Air: Bill Gibbs

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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Might have one or two people coming up with me.
But looking for people to share a cabin with!

Khorwyn Brey

Please list Blythedale under the Pegasus Cabin, just to avoid any confusion over availability. Unless something has changed, I believe we still have deciding power over whether or not someone else uses it. Thanks!
Please list Blythedale under the Pegasus Cabin, just to avoid any confusion over availability. Unless something has changed, I believe we still have deciding power over whether or not someone else uses it. Thanks!

That is correct, Blythedale has first dibs on Pegasus. It's not first come first served for that one at Alliance events.


Gettysburg Staff
Kris Kitts will PC Dame Nopants.


Sam O paying to play Dorian

Gregor G

Hey Mike.

You've got me down for now for the event. I guess the confusion occurred because I paid for the membership without a pre reg. I'm npcing friday, But I'm going to play Saturday and sunday. I still need to pay. I just don't want any confusion when I pay.

Jon-Paul Gullo
Sir Amaranthus will be there in the kitchen.



Hey everyone. Don't forget to support the Food Committee. Either give before hand or at the event. If everybody gave just $5 there should be more than enough for Bill to get all the supplies we need. The $5 is a fair price for even one of the meals, and you get THREE!!! Go for it, as I'd be sad to see it go away due to lack of participation from the player base.
Thx for the plug. Also Amaranthus is a PC not an NPC.



Frisco Cruise will be NPCing, and (probably) bringing along 2 newbies: Ken and Kaylee


I also forgot. If you give a minimum of $5 to the food committee and are PCing you get this nifty FULL HEAL! Extra useful for fighters or those that like to get beat up frequently!

Lesser Gift of the Land
As an extra incentive to donate to our food committee, any and all PCs who choose to donate a minimum of $5 either before the event or at the door on Friday at check in will receive the following Lesser Gift of the Land:
    • Healer's Resolve equal to the first multiple of 5 above their max character body.
    • Must be used all at once. It require one minute of focus where no other game skills can be used (as per armor refit).
    • It may only be used on yourself.
    • It expires at the end of the event and may not be held between events.
    • It may not be purchased multiple times during the same event.
    • It cannot be purchased with Goblin Stamps, Magic Item Picks, or any other form of reward currency.
    • May only be rewarded once per player.
Example: Amaranthus the fighter has 63 body. After getting Deathed and Lifed, he is at 1 body. With this Lesser Gift, Amaranthus spends 1 minute kneeling and focusing, healing 65 body and therefore restoring him to his maximum 63 body.

Food Committee Cheerleader


Could the Vanguard please reserve Phoenix cabin?

We'll have (at least) four: Frank Coyne, Kyle Spriggle, Illana Navas, and me!


I just renewed my membership for the year and paid the event cost. I didn't put a note with my payment. SOOOO: I will be PCing as Gwendara. BOOM! That just happened. Also, I may be totally noobing it up by asking here but how do we do donations for food and get the awesome-sauce healy thingy (don't you love my proper terminology?) Do I just do a "donate for goblin stamps" and send $5 or is there a separate link. For I love the foods, and I even more so love the people who bring and make it for me. <3

The basic donation button works. Just write "food donation" or something similar in the comments.

Great to see you back.