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Discussion in 'Stormbreak Campaign' started by Mike Ventrella, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    PRE-REGISTRATION IS CLOSED. (If you register now, you need to add a $10 late fee)


    1. Heidi Hooper
    2. Mike Ventrella
    3. William Mullaly
    4. Matthew Colosimo
    5. Kyle Spriggle
    6. Angel Belford
    7. Dustin Crewell
    8. Kelly Allard
    9. Paul Boyle
    10. Kris Kitts
    11. Eric Gibson
    12. Mitzie Gibson
    13. Ryan Kelsey
    14. Alex Steslow
    15. Michael Steslow
    16. Alexis Harrington
    17. Daniel Perez Flores + event fee
    18. Tammy Amnott + event fee
    19. Frank Green
    20. Skylar Perkins
    21. Colby Lingerfelt
    22. Kyle Gutshall
    23. Kyle Gutshall guest
    24. Jonathan Quigley
    25. Akiva Blickstein
    26. Gabriel Obermayer
    27. Samuel Obermayer
    28. Daniel Gelerman
    29. Dirk Kassner

    1. Henry Hart
    2. Hoyce McGurgle
    3. Magdalen Blankenship
    4. James McCollum + event fee
    5. Damian Meehan + event fee
    6. Kate Fierens
    7. Jason Potechko
    8. Trevor Murray

    Phoenix (4 beds): Frank Green and friends
    Gryphon (4 beds):
    Dragon (4 beds): Mage's Guild
    Pegasus (6 beds): Kelly and friends
    Gargoyle (8 beds): Century Hawk
    Wyvern (6 beds): Commoner's Cabin

    Fire (4 beds): Matthew Colosimo
    Water (4 beds): Kris Kitts
    Earth (2 beds): Food Committee
    Air (6 beds): Alex Steslow
    Spirit (7 beds):

    Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Also, please don't reserve one of the spots that has 6 or 8 beds if there are only 4 on your team -- get one of the smaller cabins instead.

    One cabin has been set aside for the "commoner's cabin" for those who did not make arrangements beforehand for sleeping space.
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  2. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    If you paid and you're not on this list, please forward a copy of your receipt email to me. Sorry, I've had a few medical problems between me and Heidi that have placed me behind in much of my work and I may have missed someone.
  3. Aggravain

    Aggravain Fighter HQ Staff

    Kyle Spriggle to PC Roark
  4. aara

    aara Scholar

    Forwarded for me & Dustin!
  5. Zymm

    Zymm Newbie

    Just forwarded for Paul Boyle.
  6. Kate

    Kate Newbie

    Kate Fierens to NPC!

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  7. aara

    aara Scholar

    Can me, Dustin, Kyle & Angel snag Pegasus? :)
  8. Jovunn

    Jovunn Adept Gettysburg Staff

    Kris Kitts to PC Tibialis. Also paid for either Fire or Water - no preference as to which.
  9. Scarn

    Scarn Newbie

    Eric & Mitzie Gibson to PC
  10. Keegan

    Keegan Newbie Owner


    I missed last event at the last minute. Any chance I can roll my registration over to this event? Thanks in advance.

    Ryan Kelsey
    Keegan O’Connell
  11. Justyn

    Justyn Newbie

    Hi all I need to reserve what looks like the fire room just need to know how to pay

    Matt Colosimo
    (Justyn Middleton)
  12. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    If you're registered for the event, just do a donation for $40
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  13. Justyn

    Justyn Newbie

    Edited think it's been worked out
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  14. Planning to come NPC. - Trevor Murray
  15. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    Please note: If you pay an event fee and that is all, I am assuming it is for NPCing.

    ALSO: We could always use food committee donations. :)
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  16. Hunter and Alanna for PCing, will be paying with the next check we get.
  17. Melody

    Melody Newbie

    I just send my receipt for the upcoming event.
    - Tammy
  18. Kylar

    Kylar Newbie Asheville Staff

    Hey, can my group snag one of the 4 person cabins. Its Frank Green, Skylar Perkins (Guest of Frank Green), Colby Lingerfelt, and me (Daniel Perez)
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  19. Ablix01

    Ablix01 Newbie

    Rhogar to PC

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