Pre-reg for June 29 event

Discussion in 'Stormbreak Campaign' started by Mike Ventrella, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff


    1. Heidi Hooper
    2. Mike Ventrella
    3. Angel Belford
    4. Cassidy Cording
    5. Kyle Spriggle
    6. Kris Kitts
    7. Peter Tancredi
    8. Lexx Raven Hollow + event membership
    9. Paul Damore
    10. Mitzie Gibson
    11. Eric Gibson
    12. Alex Steslow + $40 food donation
    13. Michael Steslow
    14. Kyle Gutshall
    15. Kenneth Swartz
    16. Ryan Kelsey
    17. Dirk Kassner
    18. Dustin Crewell
    19. Kelly Allard
    20. Alanna Robertson-Webb
    21. Alanna Robertson-Webb 's guest
    22. Emily Van Ness
    23. David Van Ness
    24. William Mullally
    25. Dave Trapasso
    26. Dalton DeMorrow + year membership
    27. Alexander Kracht
    28. Akiva Blickstein
    29. William Kinkaid
    30. Cullen Straut
    31. Matthew Colosimo
    32. Christopher T Frueh
    33. Daniel Gelerman

    1. Henry Hart
    2. Hoyce McGurgle
    3. Magdalen Blankenship
    4. Jason Potetchko
    5. John Syrel III
    6. John Syrel IV
    7. Andrew Vickers + event membership
    8. Sarah McCollum + event membership
    9. Kate Fierens
    10. Trevor Murray
    11. Buddie Harris
    12. The future Mrs. Harris

    Phoenix (4 beds): David Van Ness, Emily Van Ness, Kelly Allard, and Dustin Crewell
    Gryphon (4 beds):
    Dragon (4 beds): Mage's Guild
    Pegasus (6 beds):
    Gargoyle (8 beds):
    Wyvern (6 beds): Commoner's Cabin

    Fire (4 beds): Alex Steslow
    Water (4 beds): Ryan Kelsey
    Earth (2 beds): Food Committee
    Air (6 beds):
    Spirit (7 beds): Kyle Spriggle

    Note on housing: There are enough beds for everyone, but we ask that you be kind to those who may show up and don't have a reserved space. If someone has no place to sleep and you have a spare bed, please be kind and let them stay there. Also, please don't reserve one of the spots that has 6 or 8 beds if there are only 4 on your team -- get one of the smaller cabins instead.

    One cabin has been set aside for the "commoner's cabin" for those who did not make arrangements beforehand for sleeping space.
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  2. Aggravain

    Aggravain Fighter HQ Staff

    Kyle to PC Roark
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  3. Jovunn

    Jovunn Adept Gettysburg Staff

    Kris Kitts to PC Tibialis. :)
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  4. Alor

    Alor Scholar Gettysburg Staff

    David Van Ness to PC Amiithis - payment being sent tonight
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  5. Oxalis

    Oxalis Newbie

    Lexx Rasimowicz to PC Oxalis of Wyndael!
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  6. Jovunn

    Jovunn Adept Gettysburg Staff

  7. Jason to NPC.
  8. Scarn

    Scarn Newbie

    Eric & Mitzie Gibson to PC
  9. kes166

    kes166 Artisan

    Registered and playing Dwarg
  10. Keegan

    Keegan Newbie

    Ryan Kelsey registered and reserved Water. Playing Keegan O'Connell
  11. Kate

    Kate Newbie

    Kate Fierens to NPC for real this time, my supervisor swore I actually have that weekend off!

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  12. Lord Jonothan

    Lord Jonothan Newbie

    Just paid, In like Flynn
  13. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    Please remember to donate to the food committee too!
  14. Ablix01

    Ablix01 Newbie

    Akiva to PC Rhogar
  15. Trevor Murray to NPC.
  16. Nuheran

    Nuheran Newbie

    Katie and Buddy to npc
  17. Gebous

    Gebous Newbie Alliance Rules

    Registered and paid to PC Olē. I should be bringing a new PC along.
  18. Alor

    Alor Scholar Gettysburg Staff

    Can we reserve Phoenix for David Van Ness, Emily Van Ness, Kelly Allard, and Dustin Crewell?
  19. Alanna: PC Etta
    Hunter: PC Ironclaw
    Dalton PC: Syrus

    Can we reserve Gargoyle? If not Pegasus would also be amazing Note we’ll be having Glori and One of her friends with us (5 people) and are more than willing to have anyone else stay with us
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  20. Mike Ventrella

    Mike Ventrella Duke Owner Moderator HQ Staff

    You need four people to reserve a cabin.

    Now, admittedly, if you show up and no one else has claimed a cabin, feel free to grab it. But just in case someone comes along later today with four people pre-registered and wants it, we kind of have to let them have it. (There are still other open cabins, of course)

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