Pre-Reg for the November 7-9, 2014 Weekend Event


Pre-reg is now OPEN!!
(If you have missed the pre-reg deadline please still send in a pre-reg if you are planning on coming to the event, while you may not get the discount you can help make Friday night check-in faster and easier for all of us.)

This is for the Alliance Oregon November 7-9, 2014 event at Camp Kiwanilong, Warrenton, OR.

Pre-reg will close on Friday, October 24, at 11:59 PM.
(Pre-reg will be closing two weeks prior to events going forward, to give the logistics team more time to handle requests and pre-event prep, thank you for your understanding.)

Please fill out our pre-reg form here
(If you have questions on how to Pre-Reg, please check out this post.)

Reminder we are now only accepting pre-reg's via our online form, we will no longer accept emails. Thanks for your understanding.

If you have any BP expenditures you need to take care of them separately from your pre-reg, please send inquiries and requests to the logistics email. Thanks!

In addition we will be cracking down on incomplete pre-regs going forward, please remember that if your pre-reg is received incomplete you will not receive the discount event fee. You will be charged the at the door price for the event.

Event Fees
  • PC: $65.00 at the door, $50.00 if you pre-reg.
  • Advance page: $40.00 at the door, $30.00 if you pre-rg.
  • Page: $30.00 at the door, $20.00 if you pre-reg.
  • NPC: Free, NPC food is $15.00.

Name in red - Recieved an incomplete pre-reg.
Name in blue - Late Pre-reg.

PC Pre-reg's received:
Jacob B - Xenyu Kuai
Brian J - Ashok
Keegan G - Roann Tantreal
Mike S - Frayten
Andy S - Tantarus Andrada
Rick R - Durnic
Elizabeth M - Shelk
Alison B - Nehutyk
Katie B - Red
Sori G - Ponya
Wolf C - Ezra Wolfram
Chantell W - Pachow
Tyler W - Talothian
Matt W - Mortikai
Nicole B - Lithae
David B - Fix
Sean G - Morgan
Ryan W - Luke
Benjamin T - Kelethuan Laurenthian
Queenie T - Demona Lissa Strathanona
Ron L - Alcandar Northwind
Nathan B - Dante D. Vaik
Tony M - Raganzi
Bryan G - Arannin Shifan Elansky
Cassandra J - Orin Sylvanus
Carmen S - Roan
Erik O - Larix
Cymryc M
Katie W - July
Jimmy H - Ardryk
Kevin M - Flynn
Jason W - Landon Batalis
Jamie G - melvyn
Barbara M - Aizyk
Matt O - Roscoe
Daniel M - Ian Moretti
Leigh-Ann M - Kiarra
Gabriel dlA - Hu Li Cha "Little"
Seth B - Alavatar
Jeremy R - Diego
Rob K - Odie
Mark G - Dab Flynt
Luke D - Bjorn
Paige H - Panda
Kevin M - Ulric
Sean B - Olivia O'glade
Shane M - elryion

Character Transfers received:
(If your name is not on this list then I have not received your character card from your home chapter. If I do not receive it by Thursday evening ( 09/25/2014) you will either need to bring a copy of your most recent card or play with the most recent card I have for you in the database. If I don't have anything for you in the database you might end up NPCing.)

NPC Pre-reg's received:
Bill B
Gavin V
Slayde S
Emily S
Krystina F
Evan R
Amy G
Hailey O
Matt O
Chas H
William B
Victoria T
Megan F
Tyler M
amanda g
norman b
Jordan F
Adam S
Cassandra B
Shawna R
Kenneth W
Tucker B
Joe H
Pierre K

NPC Meal Plan - 17
Leigh-Ann M
Cymryc M
Bill B
Slayde S
Krystina F
Evan R
Chas H
William B
Victoria T
Megan F
Tyler M
Adam S
Cassandra B
Shawna R
Kenneth W
Tucker B
Joe H

Last updated: 11/3/2014
If you feel you should be on this list and are not, please email logistics and let us know. Thanks!
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Please remember that we changed the pre-reg deadline out to two weeks as we are needing extra time as there are so many of you who want to PC.

Also if you plan on NPCing please let us know by pre-regging too.

The deadline is this Friday.


Could we get a list of those who have pre-regged already? I think I did it a while back, but I don't remember.


The list has been updated. Be sure to Pre-reg folks, it closes on Friday!


There are going to be three Durnics! Looks like I have a love of pre-regging.


Three Durnics, and I don't need to transfer? [excitement intensifies]


I guess I'm just making up for everyone else who doesn't pre-reg?


Stop pre--reging so much Rick! As for transfers, if your name is not on the list then your card has not been received. So, that means you do need to transfer.


Word on the street is that's done closer to event. Thanks!


Same as above. But here's the good news; I'm sorrrry~!


Here is a list of Player's we have received transfer's for. If your character is not listed and should be, please contact your character's home chapter and request a transfer.

Player Name
Barbara Martin
Benjamin Thayer
Cymryc Moon
David Brees
Jamie Giesman
Jimmy Hastings
Katie Bissonette
Katie Wagner
Keegan Gilmore
Kevin Morano
Shane Macomber
Mark Gosnell
Matt Oostman
Matt Wagner
Nathan Bainbridge
Paige Hubbell
Queenie Thayer
Ron Leota
Sean Blount
Seth Bird
Sori Gonzales
Tony Mungo
Tyler Wagner
Wolf Conn
My cousin and I will be registering soon but wont be able to commit by Friday due to possible work schedule changes. We would be going as NPC's anyway as we are new but count on at least one extra NPC being there. I understand sleeping and eating arrangements might be limited for us which is totally fine we just want to show and learn how to play and just get to know the community. Sounds like a blast and hope to see you all there!