Pre Reg Reminders


Chicago Staff
As pre registration opens today in the CMA, please remember 4 things...

1) delete any part of the pre reg that is not needed for your registration. It makes sorting through and printing your information that much easier and conserves ink and paper by not printing things that are not needed

2) medical marshal information. Primarily medical accommodations and allergies. This is very important information for the staff to accurately accomidate your needs if we can, as well as your allergies to be known by the marshals and the kitchen staff.

3) magic item pre reg. Please use the _ITEM NUMBER_ (which is alpha-numeric), not the MI number. There is a long and complicated reason, but suffice to say this is the number the staff needs in your pre reg. Additionally when you come to the check in line; have you MI tags out and available. Anything not pre-reged needs to be added to your check in. Items checked in will have their duration deducted. There should be almost no one who doesnt have their MI tags for their primary character (there are exceptions and staff should already be working with you, feel free to poke a reminder at the logistics email though).

4) new players ! (first time players and anyone under level 10, or within their first year of play) make sure to keep the new player field in your registration. Your check in is handled differently by the new player marshal. If you are not a new player, like other sections of the pre reg which dont apply to you - please delete it.


How do you want to handle items that don't presently have an item number, because tags have not been issued? I tried emailing logistics last time, but that clearly wasn't sufficient to get things printed by game. ;)


Anyone that did not receive a tag for an item should list the item and the effects in there preregistion. There was quite a number of items that were pre-registered right before the last event that had not been told to Logistics prior or still needed review or approval, this lead to some of them not being completed prior to the event.


Chicago Staff
There are a couple Pre-reg which have used the MI number for their magic items. Please adjust your pre-reg to the <item> number.

MI10029 = not needed
K07dh7= needed

This is only a short term thing until the CMA programs your MI for you.

Additionally, if you have magic - you need to select a memorization list for both days. By selecting a list, it will populate not only your spells for each day... but so the spell incants. Right there on your battle board with all your other per day skills.
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Should probably clarify that better in the pre-reg doc if you want the item rep number, as I know I got confused by the wording.

Magic Items - Make sure to use your ITEM ID, *not* the rep number.


Chicago Staff
Yeah it is confusing the 6 digit alphanumeric generated by the CMA is really the only one that matters. The second number is for internal bookkeeping and as a second point of reference when mistakes or confusions happen.


Minnesota Staff
When is pre-reg due?