Pre-registration for Maelstrom Game Day, April 27th


San Francisco Staff
Hello everyone! Pre-registration for this Maelstrom game day is now open! Please find the link to the preregistration form HERE. Pre-payments can be sent via PayPal to

These added game days are going to be less formal than some, and will be a great way for you advance your personal plot and goals in lieu of downtimes. But there will still be plenty of content! See Greg's posts about day games for more info.

Please IN ADDITION to your pre-registration make sure to RSVP. This is how you let the plot team know you are coming and what you're hoping to do at that event. See Greg's post here for more details.

Preregistration will close at midnight on Sunday, April 21st.

Dates: April 27th
• Pre-registration: $30
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $40
Location: Stulsaft Park
Campaign: Maelstrom