Pre-registration for Maelstrom Season Opener Feb 15-17, 2019


San Francisco Staff
Hello friends! Thank you for your patience while we finalized the details for our new home for the season at Camp Harmon. Pre-registration for our season opener is now open!

Please find the link to the preregistration form HERE. Pre-payments can be sent to

Preregistration will close at midnight on Monday, February 11th.

Dates: Feb 15-17
• Pre-registration: $65
• With late fee for no pre-reg: $85
• Optional Meal Plan: add $20
Location: Camp Harmon
Campaign: Maelstrom

Food/Meal Plan:

Unfortunately, we will not be permitted to access the kitchen at any time. Therefore, if you want hot food, you can purchase our meal plan for $20 for the weekend. The staff at Camp Harmon is happy to accommodate any dietary issues, but we need to be made aware of them by the pre-registration deadline. Please include them in your pre-reg or reach out to Anthea or myself. If you prefer to bring your own food, you are welcome to do so -- just make sure that you have everything you need to store and prepare it without kitchen access.

Cabins/Sleeping Arrangements:
I'm told the cabins at Harmon are lovely! They're heated, and include electricity and a half bath in each cabin. Showers are available at a central location. The cabins have mattresses but you'll need to bring your own bedding or sleeping bag.

7 cabins will be available for PC sleeping, each of which sleeps 10 people. Since this is our first time at this site, please pre-register with who you'd like to share your cabin with -- we can work out who sleeps in which cabin once we arrive on site. Cabin choice will be first come first served in order of pre-registration. Cast and Crew will have their own cabins available for sleeping as well as for other nefarious purposes.

Tenting is an option if you prefer, but there is no designated area for doing so. Please check in with staff before setting up your tent to ensure you aren't sleeping in an area that cast and crew has other plans for.

Pre-registered PCs:
  • Beth A-B
  • Jerrod W (Meal Plan)
  • Alex S (Meal Plan)
  • Cassandra Z
  • Jonno
  • Neal E (Meal Plan)
  • Julian D
  • Andrew W (Meal Plan)
  • Emily B (Meal Plan)
  • Erin O (Meal Plan)
  • Alex W

Pre-registered Cast and Crew:
  • Chris B
  • Ashley B
  • John C
  • Brian H
  • Cielo L
  • Graham H

Cabin Group 1:
  • Beth AB
  • Jerrod W
Cabin Group 2: Adventure Club
  • Alex S
  • Erin O
  • Andrew W
  • Emily B
Cabin Group 3:
Cabin Group 4:
Cabin Group 5:
Cabin Group 6:
Cabin Group 7:
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San Francisco Staff
Quick meal plan clarification, since I didn’t make it 100% clear in my earlier post. If you pre regged, and want to be on the meal plan, you can add it on site. If we still haven’t hit 35 sign ups, PCs who have not pre regged will be welcome to join if desired. If you are cast and crew, and have not pre-regged, please let me know ASAP so I can make sure you are factored in too.

Sorry for the confusion. It’ll be clearer next time!


San Francisco Staff
Just got informed that lunch is NOT included in the meal plan. But, we will have some fridge space available so you can bring something prepared.