Pre Registration for September


Pre-registration for our Utah September Weekend event on Semptember 28th is now open.

The Event is currently set to take place at:

Mill Hollow Outdoor Education Center
7483 South Mill Hollow Rd, Woodland, Utah 84032

Staff and crew will be on site around 3pm getting set up.
You may start arriving on site around 4pm.
Logistics will run from 5pm-8pm.

Please see a member of Logistics or your local player rep if you need assistance on arrival.
If you will be arriving later than 8pm, please contact a member of logistics at: so we can accommodate you and get you your sheet on arrival.

Cost for this game is as follows:
$50 for New Players and Travelers who PC the weekend event
$65 for Veteran Players who PC the weekend event
~*~ If a Veteran Player brings a new player we will give you a discount of $15 dollars off your event fee bringing your total for the whole weekend to $50 ~*~

We will be offering a meal plan for the entire weekend. The cost is an additional $20.

!!Any player not pre-registered before the cut off date will pay an additional $10!!

FREE for any players that wish to NPC for the entire weekend event. $10 for food!!!

Please pre-reg using the form below. Pre-reg will close Friday, August 21st at midnight.

Please submit any IGBA aka Downtime request to our plot team. Form will be added soon.


Pre-registered PCs: 1

*Jess Wa

Pre Registered NPCS: 0