Pre-Registration Open for April 21st-23rd Weekend Event!

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  1. Lurin

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    Where does the time go? Our Weekend Event is fast approaching on April 21st-23rd!

    Logistics will open at approximately 6:00 PM on Friday, with Game-On hopefully by 10 PM, and Game-Off at 10 am on Sunday. We always would like to try to get the event started as fast as possible, so try to arrive punctually if you can! Please pre-register production and any character needs.

    This event will be run by a Guest Plot staff headed by Alexander T., Mariah S., Rick B., and Dan S.! While this is a Guest Plot event, plot lines are still canon and part of the main story line, as plot has worked with this team to ensure a correct integration!

    This event will take place at the following site:

    Camp Stearns
    3303 County Road 44
    South Haven, MN, 55382

    Pre-registering is highly encouraged, for it lets the staff know you're attending and, as such, lets us prepare what we need to do ahead of time. Pre-registering makes everything run smoother, and lets us get our game started all the faster, which is always convenient. It also gets you a discounted fee for the event! The sooner you get your pre-reg in, the more pleased the Logistics folks will be, so get those pre-regs in! Even if you're NPCing, please don't forget to pre-reg. It's important for us to know how many NPCs are coming, etc.

    The cost for this event is $75 for PCing and $15 for NPCing, with a $15/$5 discount for pre-registering (making it $60 to PC or $10 to NPC with an on-time pre-reg). First and second time players get their game half-off (or free to NPC)!

    For a form for registration, check out and simply fill out the information.Otherwise, you can just email your pre-reg, but we would greatly prefer if you were to use the website form, considering it makes things a lot easier for the Logistics staff. Pre-regs should include: Build Expenditures, Goblin Stamp Expenditures, Magic Item info (item number, effects, expiration, etc.), any Production skill use, any Craftsman skills, and anything else you deem appropriate (categories are listed on the online form).

    Players with purple text by their name should send the requested information to logistics prior to the event if at all possible as soon as possible!

    Pre-regs are due by April 17th at midnight! You do not get the discount for registering after this point, but it is still highly encouraged by the logistics staff for you to do so!

    Please Remember a new year means new memberships are needed You can find the details/options here ->

    Fancy Color Chart

    Membership Needed
    Visiting/New Player (Membership not required)
    Membership In Good Standing for 2017
    NPC Guild Membership

    Pre-Registered PCs:

    1. Brad K. (Zihr)
    2. Ryan Be. (Binks)
    3. Bryce K. (Bruisey)
    4. Andrea R. (Gertrude)
    5. Ryan S. (Roderick)
    6. Matt M. (Jasper)
    7. Emma B. (Ilana)
    8. Kyle S. (GRONK)
    9. Zack S. (Elros) (New Player!)
    10. Griffin A. (Argose)
    11. Tyler K. (New Player!)
    12. Josh C. (Baeleon)

    Pre-Registered NPCS:

    1. Rick B.
    2. Alexander T.
    3. Mariah S.
    4. Dan S.
    5. Patrick L.
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  2. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter Marshal

    Don't mind me, I'm just making the traditional "here's something you missed when you copied the old thread" post... :p
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  3. Lurin

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    I'm missing it, what line is that on? (unless someone else already edited my post, I'm looking at you Alexander!)
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  4. Muir

    Muir Adept

    I'll not be making this one due to a scheduling conflict, but hope everyone has fun!
  5. Zihr

    Zihr Newbie

    These aren't very colorful ... yet ... ;)

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  6. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    They will be colored once color has been applied sir!
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  7. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    Seeing lots of secondary characters this time.
  8. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    By "lots," do you mean "two"? ;)

    There were actually a couple of tertiary characters at the Feb faire (Goon Squaaaaaad!), so a handful of the folks you met weren't playing their main PCs that game, either.
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  9. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    Ok I may have used the term "lots"loosely I just figured that the nobles of Bomae would want to meet the nobles the diplomats talked to when in our land.
  10. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    If it makes you feel better I'll technically be playing an alt. Looking forward to hanging out as a PC again locally, it's a rare gift when I can do it ^.^. Too bad my Rabbitkin died
  11. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    And who better to visit the Bomae people than Ambassador Jasper?
  12. von Gryphon

    von Gryphon Adept

    Any special instructions for IBGA, including where to send and deadline?
    OH or I could just look here
  13. Bigens73

    Bigens73 Newbie

    I apologize I have not met Jasper. I did not know he was an ambassador.
  14. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Squire Chicago Staff Marshal

    If Jasper is an Ambassador, then may Fortannis have mercy on our souls.
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  15. Arbeld

    Arbeld Newbie

    Ah. Unfortunately, something has come up on that weekend and I will be unable to attend :(. I hope you all have a great time!
  16. eärendur

    eärendur Newbie

    Oh I must have accidentally clicked "new player"? Sorry! For the sake of admission, I'm not new.

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