Pre-registration open for August 5th-7th


Hey folks! It's almost time for the August 5th-7th event, and that means that Pre-Registration is now open!

Pre-registering lets us know you're coming and, as such, lets the plot and logistics teams prepare what's needed for you ahead of time. It lets us get our game started all the quicker and smoother, and it even gives you a discount on the event! Everybody wins!

The quicker you get your pre-reg in, the happier the logistics folks will be, so get those pre-regs in! Even if you're NPCing, please don't forget to pre-reg.

For a list/form for preregistration check our website at Simply fill it out and click to send it. Easy as that. Or you can just email your pre-reg to

Pre-regs should include: Build expenditures, goblin stamp expenditures, magic item info, any production skill use, any craftsman skills, and anything else you deem appropriate.

Pre-regs are due by midnight of Tuesday the 2nd of August!
Registration after this time does not get you the discounted rate, but is still highly appreciated by the chapter, as it greatly helps out with the logistics process!

Registrations can still be sent in, and this is highly encouraged!

Please note that due to the closeness of this event to the July Soap Factory, Logistics would appreciate pre-regs as early as possible with 'updates' sent immediately after the Soap Factory event as needed (for learned skills, new items etc.)

Thanks in advance! See y'all soon!

1. Ryan H.
2. Alexander T.
3. Erik A.
4. Josh S.
5. Lexi L.
6. Ryan B. (Prepaid)
7. Saemus C,
8. Courtney H.
9. Nathan K.
10. Adric F.
11. Dan L.
12. Sarah S.
13. Mariah S.
14. Tim S.
15. Jenn S.
16. Tim McB.
17. Thomas M.
18. Teague M.
19. Dawson D.
20. Ranee J.
21. <your name here?>

1. Nick S.
2. Peter H.
3. Charlotte R.
4. Tristan W.
5. Jacob D.
6. Jessie B.
7. Hamil
8. David G.
9. Michael L.
10. Ariana B.
11. Stephen S.
12. Emilynn H.
13. Dan S.
14. Christina S.
15. <your name here?>
Yay for many events in a row! :D So exciting!!
NPCing for this one, I'll send logistics an email.
Comment edited because I couldn't get the time off to come up.

If you want your Marsters fix, or just visit Crazy Eric's School of Magic, it will have to wait for a future SoMN event, or next Chicago event.



I'm pre-regged :D




Sent it in.


Sent in!


List updated, please review to make sure your name is up there if your pre-registered!


Yay, I like being number one on the list :D


Michael and I will be attending. Didnt know if we would make it, but its Michaels birthday on Saturday and this is all he wants so we are coming up to NPC =D see you all there!


Dawson, Who are you playing? Do you need some tusks?