Preparations for our next endeavor


Ladies and gentlemen, with this next market I have a couple notes and advice. Scholars, please memorize some bindomancy and solidifies as we are venturing into a land of spirits. Those who practice celestial magics bring your finest hustling if not running footwear as the beast that was mentioned may very well be immune to weapons, even if they have a flavor. I would also ask the celestialists to be capable of mending all the armor they can as it may be the only way to hold off the beast as we do not know whether it is capable of channeling shatter spirit magics or it's claws carry the shatter spirit effect. The game plan is having the main body of adventurers B lining to each Lure and getting people out as fast as possible. This group will most likely be led by Squire Rusty and Squire Corbell. I will be asking for 3-4 volunteers to play diversion for the beast with me should the need arise. I would like a healer and a couple celestialists for the previous reason. I need individuals to sound off if you're willing to carry one of the lures, keeping in mind that means you cannot be a part of my team. If you have something to add please feel free.

Squire DeSylvia