Preparing for War

Bruvah M.

Gaius Herod, A.K.A Baron Ickface, has gained control of Litimore’s Army and intends on marching on Malidors Outpost. If you consult the local map, you will see that Fort Herod is not far to the west. This is likely where he will send ground troops. But another issue is present...

The banks of the Great Black Water touch Fort Herod and Malidor’s outpost. It’s possible that Litimore will attack by sea. Thus, I ask, shall we combine funds to purchase a seaworthy vessel to help fight against Litimore?

Additionally, what other preparations shall we make for the coming battles? Prepare rituals? Share information? Combine resources to purchase war machines? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

-Brother Maule



I would encourage ye to only talk about these things through the dreamin, ye never know who may be watching.

Squire Hildr', totem of Hawk