Preregistration: Dragonfall (September 15-17)

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    Announcing Pre-Registration for our September 15 - 17 Dragonfall Event at MUCC Cedar Lake Camp

    The price for this event will be $60, and anyone who pre-registers will save $10 off the cost of the event! Food for the weekend will cost an additional $10 if desired.

    Logistics Details
    Preregistration for this event will close at 11:59pm on September 11th 2017.
    Magic Item, Scroll, and substantial Production requests have already closed for this event.

    Please send the following information to
    • Inform Logistics how you wish to spend any Build
    • Provide Logistics with a list of your Magic Items (Item number, expiration date, and effects)
    • If you have Spells, High Magic, and/or Production provide Logistics with how you want to use those skills.
    • If you will be eating food or not.
    In order to help get you through logistics faster and more smoothly, we will be trying something different this event! For this event, please form a line when arriving at Logistics. If you have pre-registered, you may proceed to the front of the line as priority.

    Site Information

    MUCC Cedar Lake Outdoor Center
    2500 Pierce Rd
    Chelsea, MI 48118

    Who's Coming?
    Pre-Registered PCs:
    1. Ian P. (Banradi)
    2. Rachel H. (Scarlet)
    3. Ethan R. (Iggy)
    4. Joe C. (Gideon)
    5. Tristin W. (Fredrick)
    6. Nate B. (Nyio)
    7. Matt F. (Mathis)
    8. Carrie S. (Pebbles)
    9. Josh M. (Kagestu)
    10. Jared S. (Pyke)
    11. John D. (Aramis)
    12. Annette S. (Cyn)
    13. Brigit C. (Sloane)
    14. Cory W (13)
    15. Genevieve P. (Collette)
    16. TSM (Lukas)
    17. Sal M. (Trellis)
    18. Keirra P. (Saro)
    19. Matt B. (Maxwell)
    20. TC B. (Naomi)
    21. Dave M. (Ardos)
    22. Ryan H. (Robert)
    23. JT E. (Joseph)
    24. Nicole E. (Gweneviere)
    25. Dan L. (Halfdan)
    26. Katrina T. (Cressida)
    27. Baylan B. (Taios)
    Pre-Registered NPCs:
    1. Chris I.
    2. Travis G.
    3. Chad S.
    4. Louis M.
    5. Jordan P.
    6. Bird P.
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  2. Banradi

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    Today is the last day to pre-reg! Don't forget to send everything required above to get your discount, as incomplete emails will unfortunately not get you the $10 off.


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