Preregistration for Feb 23rd Adventure Day

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Announcing Preregistration for our February 23rd Adventure Day at Wixom VFW Post 2269

The price for this event will be $35, and anyone who preregisters will save $10 off the cost of the event!
Food will be available for the cost of $5 a person. You can send your payment in advance via PayPal

The event will also be a Playtest of the Alliance 2.0 Ruleset. Please see this post for more information.

Logistics Questions -

Goblin Stamp spending requests (including the total goblin stamp cost of the request) will close at 11:59pm on February 17th (Sunday). These may be emailed to Logistics

The Preregistration Discount for this event will close at 11:59pm on February 17th 2018 (Sunday). After that you can still preregister in the CMA but you will pay full price for the Event

Due to the needs of the 2.0 Ruleset Playtest preregistration is very important.

In order to qualify for the discounted price you must do all of the following:
  • Update your Character to the 2.0 Rules on the Character Management Application (CMA)
    If you need to reset your XP to create a new build send an email to Logistics.
  • Preregister for the Event using the Interface in the CMA - Upcoming Events Page.
  • In the Notes Section include the following information
    • A list of your Magic Items updated for the 2.0 Ruleset (the Playtest Package include suggestions for converting items to the 2.0 Rules)
    • If you have High Magic, and/or Production Skills you wish to receive at Logistics provide Logistics with how you want to use those skills.
    • If you have Spells, create a Memorization List, using the CMA for your spells.
(For those of you with High Magic, please note that this Event will follow the .12 Prerelease so you can make use of your High Magic via Meditation during the course of the Event)

Location: Wixom VFW Post 2269

Who's Coming?
Preregistered PCs:
  1. Matt F. - Mathis
  2. Louis - Finch
  3. Chad - Quinn
  4. Brooks - Yonkie
  5. Katherine - Jane
  6. Nate - Nyo
  7. Carrie - Pebbles
  8. Dan - Halfdan
  9. Brett - Kail
  10. Mike N. - Lukas
  11. Becky - Blue
  12. Kierra - Saro
  13. Matt W. - Arai
  14. Chris I. - Link
  15. Stu R. - Trog
  16. Kristie - Lilith
  17. Dave - Ardos
  18. Nicole - Nya
  19. Annette - Avacyn
  20. Sal - Trellis
  21. Travis - Zane
  22. Lisa - Jote
  1. Ian
  2. Baylan
  3. Christopher
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Joseph Smith

I saw a post about this maybe turning into a full event? Am I getting that right?


Chief Technology Officer
South Michigan Staff
No. It's just an "Adventure Day". They have heavy focus on players roleplaying amongst themselves, with some kind of dungeon run scenario.